Rainbow Six Siege Y6S4 ‘High Calibre’: All New Changes introduced

Ubisoft just unveiled the latest season coming to Rainbow Six Siege, High Calibre, which will be bringing the new operator Thorn, Outback map rework, redesigned HUD and a lot more.

As this is the last season of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 6, it seemed like Ubisoft held onto some new stuff that they will announce in the Year 7 roadmap at Six Invitational 2022. Nevertheless, Y6S4 still includes some significant changes to improve player experience.

Thorn – New Defender

Brianna “Thorn” Skehan is the newly introduced 2-Speed 2-Health operator from Ireland. Thorn’s gadget is called the Razorbloom Shell, a throwable gadget that sticks to all surfaces like Ela’s Grizmot mines. When an enemy gets near the gadget’s proximity, it detonates, dealing lethal damage to anyone within its blast radius.

Image: Ubisoft

Alongside this new gadget, Thorn is bringing a new weapon to the game named ‘UZK50GI‘, a hard-hitting SMG with some soft destruction ability. She also has the M870 shotgun as an alternative option. As her secondary weapon and gadget, Thorn has the option to bring the C75 Auto or 1911 TACOPS and Barbed Wire or Deployable Shield.

Map Rework: Outback

  • Various updates to improve balancing and player comfort, simplified navigation
  • Reduced overall footprint
  • To be reintroduced to Ranked map pool

New Locations

  • 1F Convenience Store, 1F Compressor Room, 1F Gear Store, and 1F Beer Fridge have been combined into 1F Bike Repair and 1F Mechanic Shop (i.e. Garage-side completely re-done)
  • 2F Office Supply is larger and has an exterior soft wall
  • 1F Restaurant has been split into two rooms: 1F Restaurant and 1F Shark
  • 2F Covered Terrace is now an interior area that connects 2F Mezzanine and 2F Piano Room
  • 2F Piano Room stairs have been removed

Moved Bombsites

  • The bombsite 2F Dorms / 2F Laundry has been moved to 2F Laundry / 2F Piano Room

Gameplay Updates, New Features & Other Changes

Balancing: Cameras lose signal outside

  • When placed outdoors, Valkyrie’s Black Eyes, Maestro’s Evil Eyes, and the Bulletproof Camera will now lose signal after 10 seconds (similar to Echo or Mozzie drones)
  • Echo and Mozzie drones’ signal lose timer has been increased to 10 seconds accordingly

Balancing: Finka changes

  • She can now use the Adrenal Surge to revive herself
  • Recoil boost has been removed
  • Cooldown has been doubled to 20 seconds

Balancing: Bulletproof Camera rework

  • Defenders can now rotate Bulletproof Cameras (similar to Maestro’s Evil Eyes)
  • Can now fire EMP bursts that temporarily disable attacker gadgets
  • EMP cannot be used when hacked by Dokkaebi

User Interface Overhaul

Image: Coreross
  • Visual Overhaul: General aesthetics have been updated to be inline with the game’s art direction
  • Improved Compass: Now display pings and other marker locations, includes feedback for height differences
  • Drone Counter: Defenders will have access to a counter that shows how many drones have been destroyed so far
  • Team Colors
    • Changed default team colors to blue & red
    • Your own team will always be blue by default, opponents always red
    • Team colors can be configured, options include blue, red, and orange
    • Future improvements: more colorblind-friendly options
  • Miscellaneous
    • HUD now shows ammo count for primary and secondary weapon at the same time
    • Text prompts (i.e. vault prompts) have been replaced by easy-to-read action-specific icons
    • Improved HUD customization


  • Elite Customization 2.0
    • In addition to Uniform and Headgear, you can now individually select Victory Celebrations, Operator Portraits, and Card Backgrounds
    • UI and UX changes have been made to facilitate these updates
  • Exotic 3D weapon skins
    • The Battle Pass now includes exotic 3D weapon skins with unique effects

Test Server Updates

  • Test Server availability to be split into three different sections during the season
    • Season Release: Contains new content that will ship at the start of the season
    • Lab Release: Contains experimental content, will be used to gather feedback for early-production content
    • Balancing Release: Contains Operator and balancing changes
  • Year 7 updates: Rewards for live-server account

R6Fix 2.0

  • Website’s UI and UX has been overhauled
  • New notification system to allow you to track updates to reports
  • New severity system for reports
  • Ability for dev team to directly communicate with users

As of now, we don’t have a confirmed release date for ‘High Calibre’, but the Test Server for Y6S4 will go live today, and it usually lasts for three weeks.

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