Rainbow Six Siege gets new Traffic Light bundles designed by Ikumi Nakamura

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Ikumi Nakamura is back with yet another set of unique Rainbow Six Siege cosmetic bundles themed around Traffic Lights.

The artist has released a trio of Traffic Light bundles for the three SAS Operators of Mute, Smoke, and Thatcher. These three new additions to the Nakamura Anthology collection make a total of eight hand-picked Operators that Ikumi Nakamura has redesigned for this FPS title.

Check out the short teaser of this brand-new bundle, filled with striking poses and dramatic music.

YouTube video

Ubisoft collaborated with former Ghostwire: Tokyo developer and The Evil Within artist Ikumi Nakamura to release exclusive Rainbow Six Siege skins. The unique Nakamura bundles were first introduced at the beginning of Year 6, which included the Echo’s Whisper and Dokkaebi’s Spirit Bundles.

Traffic Light Bundle

The full Traffic Light bundle will cost players 4080 R6 Credits and it consists of three separate bundles. These three bundles can also be bought separately with 1680 R6 Credits.

  • Smoke Amber Light
  • Thatcher Green Light
  • Mute Red Light

Smoke receives the yellow “Kiiro-Shingô” Headgear, alongside the “Brake Cover” uniform and “Heavy Traffic” weapon skin for the M590A1 shotgun. Thatcher gets the ‘Ao-Shingô’ Headgear, green ‘Tôryanse‘ uniform and ‘Right of Way‘ skin for the L85A2 AR. While Mute receives the ‘Aka –Shingô’ Headgear, ‘Dead End‘ uniform, and ‘Pedestrain Scramble‘ skin for the MP5K.

The three operators are also receiving the “Flashing Red,” “Flashing Amber,” and “Flashing Green” Epic Universal Weapon Charms (according to their colors).

So far, the Ikumi Nakamura-designed bundles have been quite well received in the Siege community, and her collection might increase further in the future.

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