Rainbow Six Siege Nokk Operator Guide: Loadout, Gadget, Tips, and more

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has grown massively over the years. The game recently stepped onto Year 7 Season 3 with the Operation Brutal Swarm update, and in this current patch, Nokk might be in her best state yet.

Nokk: the 2-speed, the 2-armor operator, was released during Y4S2 Operation Phantom Sight. Hailing from Denmark, Nokk, is a member of the elite force, Jaeger Corps.

Most of Nokk’s personal information is redacted. But we do know that Nokk’s unique HEL Presence Reduction gadget makes her a spooky and deadly attacker. If you haven’t already unlocked Nokk, you can do it now for 10,000 renown or 240 R6 Credits.

Nokk Operator Guide


“The only thing I feel when I pull the trigger is recoil.”

For reasons of National Security and currently active missions, Nøkk’s records are sealed at NATO Confidential security clearance, but her files have been released to Six. Nøkk enlisted at the Army NCO School in Sønderborg, then enrolled at the Royal Danish Military Academy where she graduated at the rank of First Lieutenant. With four deployments under her belt, Nøkk underwent additional special operations training, earning her Jægerkorpset maroon beret with skills in covert ops, combat search and rescue, direct action, special recon, arctic warfare, and advanced breaching. Nøkk served in Afghanistan and Iraq, often alone in deep undercover behind enemy lines. She received commendations for eliminating hostile insurgents in surgical strikes and was responsible for uncovering Erik “Maverick” Thorn’s location, forwarding that intel to the Unit.

Nøkk keeps her identity hidden from all but her fellow operators. NATO’s O&P division recommended Nøkk for Rainbow as one of its deep cover specialists.

“Nøkk’s ability to keep a secret and maintain a façade is what makes her a highly capable undercover operative but she is involved in an active mission. Fortunately, Nøkk’s cover identity is currently “in jail,” building up credibility while giving us an incredible opportunity to work with someone of Alibi’s and Bandit’s caliber. I have no doubt Nøkk is a strong fit for Rainbow, and I hope we can use her to the full extent of her stay with us.” – Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow.

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Best Weapon Loadout

Image: Ubisoft
  • Primary Weapon: FMG-9 (SUBMACHINE GUN), SIX12 SD (SHOTGUN)
  • Secondary Weapon: 5.7 USG (Pistol), D-50 (Pistol)
  • Secondary Gadgets: FRAG GRENADE
  • Unique ability: HEL PRESENCE REDUCTION

Nokk has two options for her primary weapon. The FMG-9 SMG is the most popular choice for Nokk, as the alternative is an underwhelming shotgun. The FMG-9 (the same as Smoke’s) is one of the most overlooked weapons in the Siege’s arsenal. It has nearly no recoil, making it quite easy to use for beginners, and the damage stats have seen many buffs over the past few years. As the suppressor damage nerf has been removed, we recommend using the suppressed SMG to increase your sneaking potential.

On the other hand, the SIX12 SD, which we labeled as ‘underwhelming,’ can be used for some risky, fun plays. This shotgun is the silenced version of the SIX12, which pairs well with Nokk’s ability to push enemies silently.

As her secondary weapon, Nokk’s options are the D-50 and the 5.7 USG pistol. We suggest bringing the D-50 Deagle, as it can deal more damage. But you can still pick the 5.7 USG for a faster rate of fire.

Secondary Gadget

Nokk only has the option to bring Frag grenades as her secondary gadget. Frag grenades have many applications; they can be used to destroy defender gadgets like shields, eliminate opponents in strong positions, and even clear wall-denying utilities like Bandit batteries and Electroclaws. However, newer players will need to practice the timing of throwing the grenades in order to get kills and also prevent teamkills.

Unique Ability

Image: Ubisoft

Nokk’s primary gadget is called the HEL PRESENCE REDUCTION. The HEL is an attachment for her glove that, when switched on, conceals her image from the observation tools the defenders use. So, Nokk can move freely about the map without raising suspicion from any monitoring devices, be it default cameras, bulletproof cameras, Maestro’s evil eyes, or any other visual-gathering device.

However, if Nokk sprints, fires bullets, move through barbed wire, receives damage, melees Barricades, or performs any other activities, such as removing Lesion’s Gu Mine she will be visible on observation tools with a distorted glitch effect.

Additionally, activating the HEL presence lowers the amount of ambient noise Nokk produces while moving. For Defenders, roaming will be more dangerous than ever before due to the possibility that Nokk may be waiting for them around every corner or, even worse, will sneak up on them from behind.

The HEL is rechargeable and has unlimited usage. Once activated, the gadget will last for 12 seconds, and recharging from zero to full will take 6 seconds. As long as Nokk has a minimum of 25% of the bar charged, she can trigger the HEL presence.

Tips and Tricks

(i) Activate the HEL presence at the beginning of a round to destroy the default cams and prevent the defending team from knowing that you are bringing a Nokk.

(ii) Be patient while moving through the map; wait for your gadget to recharge instead of giving your position away quickly.

(iii) Avoid shooting default cams inside the building while your gadget is activated to prevent revealing your push.

How to counter Nokk?

Currently, Nokk can be countered in multiple ways. The HEL presence can trick cameras, but proximity alarms will still go off when Nokk is nearby, even with her gadget activated. Other counters that hinder Nokk’s ability to sneak in include Melusi’s Banshee, Pulse, Kapkan, Lesion traps, and more. Echo’s Yokai and Mozzie’s drones will also display a distorting wave effect if Nokk is nearby, similar to Vigil’s interaction with Attacker drones.

Should you pick Nokk?

Nokk has become stronger over the past few seasons, which is reflected in her presence. She is one of the very few operators with Frag grenades and paired with an easy-to-use primary weapon with 1.5x scope, Nokk is a great entry-fragging operator. So, picking Nokk, especially as a Solo player, won’t be a bad idea.

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