Raft: How To Get Hinge

Hinges can be essential in Raft for the survivors to stay alive on their Rafts. With Hinge, many things can be made. This guide will show you the best ways to get Hinge.

In Raft, you can do fishing and various things to have the ultimate feeling of survival in the vast ocean of nowhere. Moreover, players in this game get free rewards and other purchasable items to go forward. You also have to collect resources: Sand, Scrap, Metal ingot, Plastic, Hook, Anchor, and much more!

There is one item known as Hinge, which is used for Storage and other various purposes in the game. The Hinge is made with Metal Ingot. You can craft more valuable items with Hinge, such as Shear, Zipline, Stationary Anchor etc.

Raft: How To Get Hinge
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How To Get Hinge

In Raft, Hinge is used for various reasons, like-

  • Storage
  • Shear
  • Anchor
  • Steering Wheel
  • Biofuel Refinery
  • Beehive
  • Crop Plot etc

Getting Hinge can be easier if you know how to get it.

Kindly follow the steps below to get Hinge:

Search: Loot Boxes

You can find Hinge by searching through the Loot Boxes you can see floating on the ocean and the sides of the island.

Visit: Abandoned Raft

Hinge can also be found on Raft, abandoned by other survivors. You may swim carefully and visit their Raft to get Hinge.


You can also craft Hinge from scratch. All you need is:

  • Metal Ingot 1x
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

Metal Ingot

Players need Metal Ingot to create Hinge. This is the first and foremost item for Hinge.

Metal Ingot can be made from Metal Ores, which can be found clustered on the island’s wall. After that, Metal Ores must be put into the Smelter to turn into Metal Ingots.


After getting Metal Ingot, you may put it into the Smelter and craft Hinge.

Raft: How To Get Hinge
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

After a while, you will have Hinge ready to use for the next chore of your game.

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