Raft: How to Get Explosive Powder

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You can use explosive Powder to get food or eliminate enemies in Raft. As a survivor, you must have this particular item to have a smooth journey in the game. This guide will show the best ways to get Explosive Powder.

In Raft, survivors must gather food and filtered water to survive in the middle of the ocean in their own built Rafts. Players in Raft may also harvest crops and fruit trees of their own. In addition, they must gather other resourceful items such as Titanium Metal Ingot, Metal Ore, Sand, Scrap, Explosive Powder, and much more!

One of the essential items is Explosive Powder. Raft survivors use this Powder to kill seagulls that harm and destroy their crops and fuel the Net Launcher. In addition, a Net Launcher helps collect fish, goats, llamas, and other livestock animals to survive in the ocean on a Raft.

Moreover, you can also use this Explosive Powder to entertain yourself with fireworks in the sky. Getting Explosive Powder is not hard, but it is not so easy either. You must stay put throughout the whole process to get the Explosive Powder in your hands.

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How to Get Explosive Powder

Explosive Powder can be used for various reasons, like-

  • Net Canister
  • Firework

You may follow the steps below to get Explosive Powder:

Kill: Poison Puffer

The first way to get the Explosive Powder is to kill a Poison Pufferfish. You may dive underwater into the ocean to find one. You must kill it with Bows and Arrows before it attacks angrily.

Raft: How to Get Explosive Powder
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

You will find this fish in the areas such as-

  • Shipwreck Island
  • Desert Biome Island
  • Caravan Island
  • Plane Crash Island
  • Tropical Island etc.

Get The Explosive Goo

Raft: How to Get Explosive Powder
Credit: Redbeet Interactive

Killing the Pufferfish will leave a bit of Explosive Goo. You must gather it and come over to the Raft to create Explosive Powder.

Use Smelter

You may take the Explosive Goo and throw it in the Smelter to get the Explosive Powder to be cooked.

Raft: How to Get Explosive Powder
Credit: Redbeet Interactive

If you do not have a Smelter yet, you can make it with-

  • Plastic 4x
  • Nail 6x
  • Dry Brick 6x
  • Plank 4x

Get it Out

Raft: How to Get Explosive Powder
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

After you feel you have enough Explosive Powder, get it out of the Smelter and use it.

This is the easiest way to get Explosive Powder in Raft.

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