Raft: How To Get Stone

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You should gather Stones to create items and earn rewards. Stones are crafting materials that will help you advance in your gameplay. This guide will show you the best ways to get Stone.

In the game Raft, you take on the role of a survivor in the middle of the ocean with just one specially made Raft. You can start from the beginning when building your Raft and earn materials to spend on more supplies. In addition, you can catch fish in this game and filter drinking water to stay alive.

You will also have challenges to finish. But additionally, you will receive rewards and much more as you complete those challenges! Sometimes, you will need resources like wood, plank, palm leaf, stones, and much more to meet those challenges.

Stones are one of the most critical resources to help you craft different structures and weapons such as arrows, spears, Raft creation, etc. Getting Stones is not as hard as you think, but it is not easy. Therefore, you must put much effort into gathering Stone in this game.

How To Get Stone in Raft

Stone can be used for many purposes in the game, like-

  • Net Canister
  • Stone Axe
  • Paint Mill
  • Stone Arrow
  • Trash Cubes
  • Throwable Anchor
  • Table
  • Defensive Weapon (against enemies)

Getting stones can be more accessible if you know where to and how to find Stone.

You may follow the tips and tricks below to find the Stone:

Under The Ocean

You must be careful while swimming in the ocean to find Stones. You will always have to monitor your Oxygen limit, and also, you must stay away from Burce, the shark, who might want to attack you in a pack or solo.

Raft: How To Get Stone
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

You have a hook in your hand to scoop the stones from the bottom of the ocean, and you may find most of the stones near the islands.

Search The Barrels

Raft: How To Get Stone
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

You can gather floating Barrels in two ways such as-

  • Net
  • Hook

Players can use the Net to gather more than one Barrel and can use the Hook to collect only one Barrel. You may find some Stone in those Barrels, which will help you fill your Stone inventory.

These are the easiest ways you can follow to get Stones in Raft.

Best of Luck!!

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