R6 APAC Playoffs: DWG KIA and Invictus Gaming qualify for Mexico Major

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

After three days of exciting Rainbow Six Siege gameplay, the APAC Playoffs stage 2 has finally come to an end, meaning we now have all the four APAC teams that will be heading into the August Six Major.

CAG and The Knights already qualified for the August Major 2021 by getting the top position in stage 2 of the APAC North and South league, respectively. And now Damwon Gaming (DWG KIA) and Invictus Gaming will also be joining them in Mexico.

DWG KIA is back in full form after a disappointing end in Stage 1 of APAC North, where they finished in 7th place, to secure a second-place finish in stage 2.

And DWG proved that they deserved that ticket to the upcoming Major, with their flawless run in the upper brackets, taking down KIRA E-Sports (7-2), Qconfirm (7-5), and Elevate (2-0) in the UB Final.

Meanwhile, Invictus Gaming, who were sent down to the lower brackets by Elevate in UB round 2, managed to complete their redemption with a 2-1 in the LB Final, thus securing that crucial spot in the next International Siege event.

 R6 APAC Playoffs stage 2
Image: R6 Liquipedia

Prize Pool and SI points

The top six teams will also receive the important SI points for a chance to qualify for the next Invitationals. Unfortunately, the South Asian teams of KIRA and MercenarieZ won’t be receiving any prize money or SI points from this tournament.

R6 APAC Playoffs stage 2
Image: R6 Liquipedia

The Mexico Six Major will kick off on August 16th, with 16 teams from the four different regions. So far, 14 teams have booked their spot for this event, with the remaining 2 to be decided today after the last playday of the North American League.

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