Psychonauts 2: How to obtain Psitanium and its features

Understanding how to find resources and how to use them is important in Psychonauts 2.

After much-awaited anticipation of around 15 years, Psychonauts 2, the sequel, was released by Double Fine Productions. We all are excited to see the continuation of Raz’s story on the 3D platform. The 3D game mechanics ensure that gamers can collect a lot of stuff. Moreover, this guide will explore what Psitanium is, its features, and how to obtain it in Psychonauts 2 to boost Raz’s abilities.

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How to obtain Psitanium in Psychonauts 2

Let us first understand what exactly Psitanium is in Pscholnauts 2. It is a mineral found in meteorites and most possibly having celestial origins, according to the explanation of Ford Cruller to Raz in the game. In fact, It is a widely available game currency, and its unique purple colour design makes it eyecatching.

You will need to approach the currency and press Triangle on Playstation or Y on Xbox. It will make the coin move around and enable you to obtain it. You can also get it when you unlock a supply chest. Clairvoyance ability also enables you to find hidden Psitanium.

Features of Psitanium

Since Psitanium is so widely available, you can guess that you will need it in the game. OttoMatic vending machines are the machines in the game where you can use Psitanium to buy various upgrades in Psychonauts 2. OttoMatic vending machines contain pin modifiers for your abilities, cores, and much more. So a good strategy is to collect lots of Psitanium, purchase upgrades that enable you to increase the amount of Psitanium you can hold, and get as much as you can while enjoying the game.

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