How To Solve Hollis Classroom Mental Connection Puzzle: Psychonauts 2

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Psychonauts 2 puzzles can sometimes be confusing, but we have your back.

Psychonauts 2 has a lot of puzzles you can solve for hours without getting bored. Players must look out for Mental Connection nodes and idea bubbles around a level to solve a puzzle completely.

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This guide aims to aid you with how you can solve the Hollis Classroom Mental Connection puzzle in Psychonauts 2.

How to Solve Hollis Classroom Mental Connection Puzzle

Psychonauts 2 Hollis Puzzle takes place in the last room of the Hollis Classroom level. It is a vast open room with a stained-glass window. The room also has a lot of mental connections, Ideas, Bubbles, and nodes to explore.

You have to trick her mind into thinking she is taking the Psychonaut interns on a mission to a casino by joining money and risk. The key to finishing this mission is connecting the money and risk in her mind.

However, attaching these two words can be a little tricky as they are very far apart. A stained-glass window separates the two idea bubbles, so you must go around to join them. To start, jump into the risk bubble before the stained window.

Players will have to start by linking Stress and Delight nodes. Keep going right and joining nodes with your mental power. If you see Mushrooms, Germs, and Cilantro, thought bubbles to your left if you are on the right path.

Keep moving, and you will reach the Death node, after connecting it, move left of the stained-glass window. Now you will finally get to see the Money Bubble. After completing this final link, she will turn into a gambling addict, which will be the end of this mission.

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