Psychonauts 2: All PlayStation Trophies

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Psychonauts 2 is out for everyone on Playstation, Xbox and PC.

After almost fifteen years, the mind-bending sequel is back. There are a lot of fun things to do in the game. These include solving puzzles and utilizing different moves.

Psychonauts 2 is a big game, and players will need almost 15 hours to complete the game entirely. Some of these trophies will get unlocked as you progress the story, although others you will have to unlock by reaching milestones and completing certain tasks.

You can collect many trophies in Psychonauts 2, but it will take more than just a few hours of gameplay to get them all. If you’re a completionist who wants to score the Platinum trophy in Psychonauts 2, then we’ve got you covered.

Psychonauts 2 PlayStation Trophies

There are a total of 38 trophies in Psychonauts 2. These include 21 bronze, 11 silver, 4 gold, and 1 platinum trophies. To better understand all the trophies and the requirements for completing each. We have made a guide below for all Playstation trophies in Psychonauts 2.

Trophy Name How to GetTrophy Type
Your Last Chance to Chicken OutComplete Basic TrainingBronze
Junior PSI CadetAchieve Rank 20Bronze
 Regular PSI CadetAchieve Rank 40Bronze
A Victory for Good TasteComplete Sasha’s Shooting GalleryBronze
Rolling Rock StarComplete Milla’s Dance Party.Bronze
 For Insurance ReasonsComplete Lungfishopolis. Bronze
Time to Deliver the MilkComplete The Milkman Conspiracy Bronze
 You’re All So KindComplete Gloria’s Theater Bronze
Made ManWitness Maloof’s transformation Bronze
Wolpaw Says ThanksHear Vernon’s Ghost Story. Bronze
 Maybe It’s the HairSpy on Bobby’s love life. Bronze
No Solid Food for Six HoursRe-brain the Children Bronze
 Holiday DinnerCook and consume two different kinds of roast in one sitting. Bronze
 Look at those Pansies!Find Edgar’s Secret Garden Bronze
 Victory TourRevisit all brains after completion. Bronze
Camp GossipRead many bulletin board messages. Bronze
Mmm… Bacon!Use the bacon. A lot. Bronze
A Slice of HistoryDiscover the secret history of Whispering Rock. Bronze
Stump SpeechGive the Coach’s speech on the stump. Bronze
 Self AwareSee yourself through the eyes of many others Bronze
 Christmas Shopping Christmas Shopping Bronze
 Advanced PSI CadetAchieve Rank 60.Silver
Super PSI CadetAchieve Rank 80. Silver
They Call Me the HunterRedeem all 16 Scavenger Hunt Items. Silver
 I’m Sure She’s Over ItUncover Milla’s Secret. Silver
 I Think They Were ImpressedIntroduce all Camp Kids to Mr. Pokeylope. Silver
 I LOVE PUNCHINGComplete the Punchy Target mini-game. Silver
Thanks for All the SnailsComplete Waterloo World. Silver
 I Always Loved You MoreComplete Black Velvetopia. Silver
Height of InsanityComplete The Asylum Silver
They Should Totally Sell ThoseEarn all Merit Badges. Silver
I Thought That Was Unbeatable!Complete Meat Circus.Silver
 Figgy PiggyGather all Figments.Silver
I’m Gonna Live ForeverFind all Golden HelmetsGold
 Math is HardAchieve Rank 101.Gold
No More SecretsCrack all Vaults.Gold
Happy BagsSort all Emotional Baggage.Gold
 BrainiacComplete all TrophiesPlatinum
Credit- Playstation, Psychonauts 2

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