Hades: How To Activate God Mode

The latest game Hades from Supergiant Games can be tough to finish.

Hades can be confusing at times if you have not played a game like this before. Hades is a rogue-lite game, meaning if you die, you will have to start from the beginning. However, in Hades, you get to keep your resources if you die, which lets you make better decisions against enemies you face again. Furthermore, if you still find yourself unable to complete the mission, you can use God Mode.

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How to Activate God Mode in Hades

First to answer the question of what exactly God Mode does. God Mode does not give you invincibility but does help you survive longer. When you are in Gode mode in Hades, Zagreus gets a 20% resistance to damage buff. He also gets a 2% addition of damage resistance every time you die. This buff can go up to 80% if you die enough times.

God Mode is an option in the game which is available at any point in the game. This mode removes all sorts of challenges that the game offers so you can finish a mission without any issues. It is relatively easy to activate the God Mode in Hades, all you have to go to settings after opening the Pause Menu. Then scroll down and mark the Gode Mode check box.

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