Hades: How To Obtain Titan Blood

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Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining Titan Blood in Supergiant Games’ dungeon crawler, Hades.

One of the essential resources in Hades is Titan Blood, as you can use it to upgrade your weapons. However, collecting it can be challenging in the game.

There are, in fact, several different ways you can obtain it. So, we have created a complete guide on obtaining Titan Blood in the fastest and most efficient ways possible.

How to Obtain Titan Blood

One of the best things about Hades is that it lets you obtain Titan Blood in four ways. This includes:

  • Defeating Bosses
  • Finishing Prophecies
  • Trading with Wrecthed Broker
  • Purchasing from Charon’s Shop

You can unlock the heat gauge after completing the game for the first time. This will allow you to change the game’s difficulty and let you earn Titan Blood.

The next way is to finish the Prophesies available in Hades. Once you get some Fated List of Minor Prophecies, complete them to earn more Titan Blood.

There are many missions in Minor Prophecies like War-God’s Bloodlust, A Friendly Wager, Master of Arms, Harsh Conditions, Wanton Ransacking, and Dark Reflections which will reward you with it. Apart from this, you can also trade Ambrosia for Titan Blood with the Wretched Broker.

Moreover, you can also use Charon’s Shop to Titan Blood once you get to Styx. Charon is available at every level, but you can only buy it from him after you get to Styx. However, the cost for 1 Titan Blood comes to 1000 coins.

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