Hades: How to Get Ambrosia

We have included everything you need to know about how to find more Ambrosia in Hades.

It is not that easy to understand how the resources in Hades work. Since there are a lot of resources that come to your use in the game. Among many precious items and resources in Hades, Ambrosia is undoubtedly at the top. However, players might find it challenging to find Ambrosia. So we have made a guide on how to get Ambrosia or Nectar in Hades.

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How To Get And Use Ambrosia:

It is pretty tough to get Ambrosia or Nectar in Hades but, there are some ways you can obtain it. Even though there are some ways to bring it, Ambrosia is relatively rare to get in the game. The most common and slowest way to collect it is through clearing a room. Doors in some rooms in Hades tell you beforehand what rewards you will get if you clear a room. So if you find a room with a Nectar Symbol on the door, be sure to clear it up. You can also earn Ambrosia or Nectar through the Fated List of Minor Prophecies.

There are a few of these missions which reward you with Nectar. You can also check on the Wretched Broker from time to time to see if he is offering to trade it. Moreover, you can also get it by fishing, but it is limited as to how much you can get by hydra fishing, so farming Ambrosia is reasonably complex in Hades. The last way to collect it is by clearing the Infernal Troves. Although the odds that you will get Ambrosia is 1/20.

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