Humankind: All the Eras in the game

Humankind is out now for consoles and PC today.

Humankind is a 4X strategy game that lets you built your civilization from scratch. Players are allowed to make their civilizations through seven different eras and more then sixty cultures. There are a total of seven different eras which you will go through as you play the game. To help you choose between cultures in all the Eras in Humankind, we have made a guide.

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All Eras in Humankind:

All of the eras and cultures in Humankind correspond to different times in the Human History. Each Era refers to a different time zone where technology and research work in their own way. So each Era needs a different approach and play style as the environment changes. So we have made this guide as a heads up for everyone jumping in the game.

Humankind Cultures
Credit- Amplitude Studios

Neolithic Era

As this is the starting Era, there is only one culture: the Nomadic Tribe. Moreover, In this Era, the most important things are primary resources, land, and knowledge, so make sure you focus on them mainly.

Ancient Era

As you head into the Ancient Era, you will see how vast Humankind can be. There are a total of 10 cultures you can choose from in this Era. Furthermore, these cultures include the Babylonians, Egyptians, Harappans, Hittites, Mycenaeans, Nubians, Olmecs, Phoenicians, Zhou, and Assyrians. In this Era, it will be wise to invest in technologies like Calender, Writing, Bronze-Smithing, and The Wheel.

Classical Era

The Classical Era is another Era with ten cultures to choose from in the game. The cultures available in this Era are Achaemenid Persians, Aksumites, Celts, Greeks, Carthaginians, Goths, Huns, Mauryans, Maya, and Romans. Each culture is unique and will give you some affinity, so be careful what culture you go with heading into new Eras. In this Era, focusing on investing in technologies like Rhetoric, Hydrology, Standing Armies, and Trade Expeditions is the best decision.

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Medieval Era

Moving onto the Medieval Era, here you will create ideologies that will help later. There are again 10 Cultures to choose from in this Era. These cultures include Aztecs, the English, the Franks, Byzantines, Ghanaians, Khmer, Mongols, Teutons, Umayyads, and the Norsemen. To make the most of this Era, you should focus on theology, Feudalism, Alchemy, and Furnace Steel technologies.

Early Modern Era

Heading into modern civilization, this is where all the cultures from the 1600s will come into play. Just all other Eras mentioned this has ten cultures as well. These include the Spanish, the Ottomans, Haudenosaunee, Joseon, Ming, Mughals, Ottomans, Poles, Venetians, and the EdoJapanese. Players should focus on technologies like Mercantilism, Movable Typeface, and Gunpowder Warfare in this Era.

Credit- Amplitude Studios

Industrial Era

Coming into the Modern world, this is the second last Era of Humankind. It includes all the modern cultures that existed between the 1900s in human history. Moreover, the cultures in this Era are Austro-Hungarians, British, French, Germans, Italians, Mexicans, Persians, Persians, Persians, and Zulu. As the name suggests, you should focus on Urban Planning, Mechanization, and the Scientific Method in this Era.

Contemporary Era

The last of all Eras is the Contemporary Era which has cultures like the Americans, Australians, the Soviets, Brazilians, Indians, Egyptians, Japanese, Swedes, Turks, and the Chinese. Since this is the last of all Eras, the best technologies to focus on are Computing, Radar, and Mass entertainment.

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