Pro Apex Legends Player Albralelie on Horizon, “I Don’t Think Horizon Fits in the Game”

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Pro Apex Legends player Mac “Albralelie” Kenzie Beckwith, who has won multiple tournaments with TSM, claims that Horizon is an “anti-fun” legend.

In a recent stream on Twitch, he explains why he thinks Horizon as a character just doesn’t fit in Apex Legends. According to Albralelie, Horizon goes against everything the developers at Respawn want the game to be.

In the past, Respawn has made multiple major balancing updates that targeted healing while moving at the same time. A good example of that would be when they removed healing while bunny hopping from the game back in 2019.

The rationale behind this decision was that it was just too difficult for players to deal with. Pathfinder also received similar fates as this friendly robot was apparently too mobile. Therefore, Respawn also added a low-profile perk on Pathfinder alongside a much longer cooldown.

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Is Horizon too dominant in the current meta?

However, right now, in the current meta, Horizon can literally consume a shield battery while strafing in the air. On top of that, she can also accurately mow down her opponents with a Spitfire equipped with a purple or gold extended magazine.

Albralelie’s proposed fix for Horizon

Albralelie also gave his two cents on how to effectively nerf Horizon while still keeping her viable in the current meta. At first, while she is using her gravity lift ability, there needs to be a much louder audio cue that should be audible from a distance.

This change should make it easier to counter her while she is using her Tactical to get the high ground in a gunfight. The second biggest change that Albralelie proposed was a nerf to her air strafing speed while using her tactical as it makes her really hard to hit.

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If Respawn can somehow tune her air-strafing speed while she is in her Tactical then it would make her much more balanced. Respawn devs have already hinted that a nerf for her is already in the works. Players can expect to see this change within season 9.

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