Fans are once again asking Respawn to add fall damage in Apex as an April fool’s prank

It feels like almost every year Apex Legends fans have been asking Respawn to add fall damage in the game as an April Fools prank.

Respawn introduced Apex legends back in 2019 without any prior marketing. It really became a big hit among players mainly due to the amount of polish and features Respawn was able to deliver on day one.

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Before Apex all the major battle royales were filled with many bugs and glitches. On top of that, communication was also very tough since there was no contextual ping system. Apex devs brought both hero shooter mechanics and the much-touted contextual ping system to the game that many other games in the same genre later copied.

Fall damage in Apex

Also, Respawn removed all the fall damage from the game. It was a great addition to such a movement-focused game as Apex. As players got really used to not having any damage while jumping from great heights, it would be really funny if Respawn enables fall damage just for a day.

Even in the previous year, fans rallied to get this done. However, Respawn had different plans for April Fools back in 2020. Instead of fall damage, they actually buffed Mozambique with a higher fire rate and magazine capacity. Consequently, it turned into a meta weapon for just a single day as a prank.

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But this year fans are once again asking Respawn to consider the idea of enabling fall damage in Apex Legends. Respawn might have already planned out what they will do for the April Fool’s prank this year. And we really hope they considered adding fall damage.

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