Apex Legends devs are in the process of killing low profile from the game

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Apex Legends developers are now seriously considering removing the low-profile perk from the game altogether.

A low-profile perk was introduced back in 2019 after players discovered that legends with smaller hitboxes, like Wraith and Lifeline, had a significant advantage during fights. Since Respawn was adamant about keeping different hitboxes for different characters, they needed another way to fix the hitbox disparity issue for the time being.

The developers came up with two different perks as a solution. Fortifications for legends like Gibraltar and Caustic And low-profile for legends like Wraith. While low-profile legends were susceptible to more damage, it was quite the opposite for Fortified characters.

For many, it always felt like a band-aid fix. However, big changes are coming, as confirmed by a Respawn developer. It turns out that Respawn developers are currently in the process of removing low-profile characters from the game forever.

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End of Low Profile Legends

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Furthermore, devs have also explained that hitboxes are the main factor when it comes to win rate and encounter win rate for each legend. This means tweaking hitboxes results in more changes to the overall win rate of a legend than just buffing abilities.

Wraith is a great example of that change. Even after she was gutted multiple times, her win rate and encounter win rate still stayed above average. However, after she received another set of hitbox-related changes at the beginning of season 8, it had a massive impact on her overall dominance in the game.

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If the developers can remove the low-profile perk from the game and figure out other ways to keep the game balanced, it would be a great change for the game overall. It will be interesting to see what Respawn does to remove low-profile characters from Apex.

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