Prime Axe might have more range than other knives in VALORANT, a recent test suggests

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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A recent test made by a VALORANT fan suggests Prime Axe melee in VALORANT might have more reach than every other knife in the game.

As Riot Games used their freemium model to monetize their 5v5 tactical shooter VALORANT, players can only pay for cosmetic items to customize their play session to their heart’s content. And Riot Games has explicitly mentioned that they won’t introduce any pay-to-win elements in their game.

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If any cosmetic item turns out to be a pay-to-win element in any way then it was just an accident, says Riot Games. Basically, Riot admits they won’t sell any powerup items in VALORANT. However, a recent observation made by a VALORANT fan hints Riot may have unintentionally put a “pay to win” skin in their game.

Does Prime Axe have more range?

A clip has become widespread within the VALORANT community suggesting the Prime variant of the melee skin in VALORANT appears to have a wider range than the default melee skin in VALORANT. Meaning players who have spent actual money to buy the Prime Axe might have an advantage over players with default knives.

However, the test that was done in this case also appears to be flawed since the crosshair placement seems a bit off and both subjects were not behaving in the exact same manner for the test to be fair. Even though the test has some room for improvement, the result of this experiment is really interesting nonetheless.

This may not have been an intentional attempt made by Riot to introduce a pay-to-win element in the game. But it sure does appears to be interesting enough for Riot Games to take a serious look.

Something similar to this has also happened with the Singularity Phantom in the past as it appeared to have a slightly longer equip animation. Instead of pay to win some players in the community dubbed it as a “pay to lose” skin.

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Nevertheless, bugs like these are quite common in almost all games that have some sort of cosmetic items. If the prime melee actually has a longer range, Riot will probably address it.

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