Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: What is Hyper Training?

By Hyper Training, your Pokemons will become Pocket Monsters, and they will be able to damage enemies more than ever! This guide will tell you about the Hyper Training in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

In terms of Pokémon games, Scarlet and Violet is the most thrilling one. Join a team, play with your friends, capture Pokémon, and trade them to expand your collection. You can gather many things in the game to proceed, and you will find a lot of Pokemon to complete your Pokedex. There are Postgame features you can surely experience if you have completed the main storylines in the game. There are many cool features in the postgame that you can do, one of which is Hyper Training.

You can increase your chosen Pokemon’s IVs (Individual Values) and its stat through Hyper Training to make it stronger. You can customize your Pokemon and its powers through the Hyper Training method. But to get this feature, you must unlock and get the Judge Function first in the game to experience the excitement of Hyper Training.

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What is Hyper Training?

Hyper Training is a special kind of Training you can provide for your Pokemon in the postgame to increase its attacking stats and make your Pokemons more potent.

To do Hyper Training, you may follow the steps below:

Get Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps are a particular type of Currency in the game. You must gather these in lots to use for the Hyper Training later. You can get Bottle Caps by;

  • Winning Tera Raids
  • Porto Marinada’s Auction
  • Buying these from Delibird Presents

But remember, you cannot purchase the Gold Bottle Caps from any in-game stores.

There are two types of Bottle Caps;

  • Regular Bottle Caps: Helps increase only one Individual Value of a Pokemon
  • Gold Bottle Caps: Helps increase all types of IVs of a Pokemon

You must give the NPC with the Abomansnow, who will be the ‘Hyper Training’ trainer in the game, to start the Training according to your chosen Pokemon’s IV selection.

Visit North Paldea

All the Pokemon players know the Poke Center very well. Visit North Paldea after you have unlocked the Judge Function. This Judge Function allows you to see your Pokemons’ abilities and stats.

So, after you have come to the Poke Center, you will see a human NPC with an Abomansnow beside him. Go over to him and talk. He will then ask you about the Hyper Training, and if you want to do it, you may choose your Pokemon to start the Hyper Training with.

This way, you can do Hyer Training in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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