Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How To Shiny Hunt Paradox Pokémon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a type of Pokemon called Paradox Pokemon. Here is how you can get shiny hunt these types of Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced us to the new region of Paldea. In Paldea, one of the biggest mysteries is the crater region in the middle of the map, also known as area zero. At the start of the game, it is said that everyone has their goal set on area zero as the ultimate destination. And by the end of the game, you get to go there.

In this area, Pokemons are different than in any other place of the game. Depending on the version of the game, the looks of the Pokemon change. You will have a futuristic steel look if you are playing Violet and an ancient look if you are playing Scarlet.

The Paradox Pokemon can also come in the shiny variety. While they are not easy to hunt down, there are some methods you can use to make hunting them easier. So here we will go over how you can see shiny hunt Paradox Pokemon.

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How to Shiny Hunt Paradox Pokemon

Shiny hunting is not an easy task in Pokemon games. Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, and if you are a casual player, there is a high chance of you playing through the whole game without ever facing a shiny Pokemon. Here is every you need to do to start hunting shiny paradox Pokemon.

Collect the Required Items

Before we start the shiny hunt for these Pokemon, we will need a few items, mainly the Shiny Charm and ingredients for the sandwich that increases the chance of shiny Pokemon for a certain type. Getting the Charm is a big task in itself. You will have to complete all 400 Pokemon in your Pokedex to get this shiny Charm.

However, not all Pokemon can be caught in a single playthrough since you cannot get any of the other two starting Pokemon once you choose one. To complete the Pokedex, you must catch everything and trade the missing Pokemon with other players. Once you complete the Pokedex, return to the school and get your Shiny charm reward.

Then you will need to gather the ingredients to boost the shiny chance of the Pokemon. Make sure you boost the type of Pokemon you want to get. The sandwich cannot be used inside area zero, so collect the ingredients for now and move on to the next step.

Getting Started to Shiny Hunt

Once you collect all the items, it will be time to use them. Using the Shiny Charm will have you a 1 in 1365.67 chance to encounter a shiny Pokemon. And using a sandwich will have you a 1 in 1024.38 chance to encounter one. However, we can reduce the chance a lot by combining both of them. Combining the sandwich and the Shiny Charm will lower the chance to 1 in 683.08, which is a lot better than either.

Once you have all the ingredients, go to the entrance of Area zero and turn off auto-save. Then make a manual save. We have to use this save for our shiny hunting adventure.

Hunting Shiny Paradox Pokemon

Once you make the manual, save it outside the entrance, use your shiny Charm, and set up a picnic to make and eat the sandwich. Once you enter the area, you cannot do a picnic, so you need to do it here. After you are done, run around inside area zero until you can find a shiny.

Force the Pokemon to respawn repeatedly and check is the only way to find a shiny. Paradox Shiny looks quite different than the normal one, so you will be able to detect them just by looking. Once you find a shiny make sure to make a manual save while the shiny Pokemon is in the frame. This way, if you fail to capture it, you can reload and try again.

Also, the game has a 30-minute hard time limit for spawning Pokemon. So make sure to run a timer. You must close the game completely to reset it if you don’t have a shiny within 30 minutes. Then load the manual save at the entrance and try again. Doing this method, you will be able to catch a lot of shiny within a short period.

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