Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Shiny Stone Location

Learn about the location of the Shiny Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

We are already familiar with the Evolution Stone. However, in a different installment of the Pokemon franchise, it goes by many names. What you can do with these stones is you can evolve some of your Pokemon to the ultimate evolutionary stage. And till now, we have come across Ten Evolutionary stones. With these, you can evolve 42 different species of your Pokemon.

And of those Evolutionary Stones is the Shiny Stone. The distinguishable shiny light that emits lets everyone know about its location in an instance. Moreover, with a base power of 80, its Dark-type Fling damage is enough to make your rival paralyzed. With all these stats, let’s find out where we can get our hands on this Shiny Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Shiny Stone Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There are several ways you can get your hands on the Shiny Stone. Let’s check these out:

Dropped Item

Head to the top of the Waterfall in the northeast of Alfornada, South Province (Area Six). Roam around a bit, and you will find one of the Shiny stones around here.

Another one will be in between the Socarrat Trail and the Eastern snowy area. Climb to the top of the hills. Then, ride to the North to come across another Shiny Stone.

Register 150 Pokemon in the Pokedex

Shiny Stone also comes as a reward. All you have to do is, catch 150 Pokemon. Filling up the quota, the Pokedex app will give you Shiny stone as a reward.

The Porto Marinada Auctions

In Port Marinada, a frequent auction will take place from time to time. Learn about the rules and compete with other bidders. Bid the highest to get your hands on the Shiny Stone.

To unlock the Auction in Port Marinada, you need to defeat Cascarrafa’s Gym. After that, you will get access to the auctions of Port Marinada. You can also reroll the auction time by changing the time of your console by 72 minutes.

And these are how you can get Shiny Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Cheers!

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