Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to Beat Ghost Gym

Like all other pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet also have gym battles you can make your way through. Here is how to beat the Ghost Gym among them.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduce the 9th generation pokemon to the players. With the new generation comes a lot of new pokemon and three brand-new starters. There are some new legendary pokemon added in the game too. This game also introduces the Spain-inspired area called the Paldea region. A few of the pokemon get a new look in this region.

With any new pokemon games, there come the gym battles. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can defeat gym leaders to gain gym badges. They increase the level of pokemon you can catch and command without any problem. One of the gyms is the ghost-type gym. Here is how you can beat this gym in the game.

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How to Beat Ghost Gym in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Ghost gym is a fairly strong gym. You need to take it on in the mid to late game of your playthrough. The recommended level to take on this gym would be level 40. That is because all the pokemon used by the gym leader are levels 41-42.

Before you start the main gym battle, you will have to face a duo battle at the concert. There will be three different battles, and the top two pokemon from your party will be chosen. You need to win all three battles to earn the right to challenge Ghost gym.

The gym leader of ghost gym has the following pokemon:

  • Mimikyu: Level 41 Ghost/Fairy type
  • Banette: Level 41 Ghost-type
  • Houndstone: Level 41 Ghost-type
  • Toxtricity: Level 42 Electric/Poison with Ghost-type tera

Ghost types are weak to Ghost and Dark type pokemon. So you need to build your team accordingly. If you have picked Sprigatito and evolved it, you should use that in this battle. At the highest evolution, it gains Dark-type moves that are extremely powerful in this gym. You can also use a normal-type pokemon with other types of moves since normal types are not affected by ghost attacks and vice versa.

As long as you don’t pick a pokemon that is weak to ghost type, and you are level 40 or so, this gym is not that hard to beat. With the right level and combination of pokemon, you can beat this gym without any sweat. You will gain 7560 currency as a prize and TM114 Shadow Ball move as the reward for defeating the leader.

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