Pathfinder will be the next character to receive Prestige skin in Apex Legends

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Our friendly robot will smile even more when he receives his Prestige skin in the next season.

As of now, Respawn has released 8 Prestige skins in Apex Legends. The legends that have received this mythic tier cosmetic are Bloodhound, Bangalore, Wraith, Caustic, Valkyrie, Revenant, Loba, and Octane.

Respawn does not follow any specific order to release these Prestige skins. So, the community is always in the dark regarding which legend will receive the skin next. However, Apex Legends leakers are always one step ahead regarding these types of information. Despite no official announcements, they always figure out what’s cooking.

Similarly, this time, KralRindo, a reputed leaker in the Apex Legends community, shared that Pathfinder will be the next legend to receive the Prestige skin in the game. However, apart from this, KralRindo has not mentioned anything else. So, the release date, the skin’s look, and other information regarding Pathfinder Prestige are still unknown.

The latest Prestige skin went to Octane via the Urban Assault collection event in Season 20. So, based on the previous trend, it is very likely that the Pathfinder Prestige skin will be released in Season 21.

Despite being a mythic tier item, the Octane skin failed to amaze players. Apart from the finisher and skydive trail, the skin did not offer anything rather special. So players, especially the Pathfinder mains, hope to see some improvements when Pathfinder’s Prestige skin releases.

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