The infamous ALGS hacker reveals the exploit he used in tournament has been patched

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By Nazmul Hassan
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The Apex Legends exploit in question, which was used to hack Genburten and ImperialHal’s games, has been reportedly patched.

To give you a little background on what happened, two hackers by the names of Destroyer2009 and R4ndom hacked into Genburten and ImperialHal’s games during the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Pro League finals NA, causing chaos in the lobby.

Because it affected not just the streamers but everyone around them, the ALGS admins made a quick decision to postpone it until further notice in order to restore the tournament’s competitive integrity.

There were many speculations as to how the hackers managed to pull this stunt. However, Destroyer2009 and R4ndom did not reveal any technical information, except for the fact that they had used an existing vulnerability in the game.

It was one of the biggest security breaches in online gaming and created a sense of fear in the Apex Legends community. Although Destroyer2009 said that he wouldn’t affect anyone else’s games, many players had already uninstalled the game just to be on the safer side.

Following the hacking incident, Respawn deployed a series of security patches through multiple updates, including the major Shadow Society collecting event.

According to a recent TechCrunch report, Destroyer2009 revealed the vulnerability they used in the ALGS regional finals had been patched.

The exploit I’ve used in [Apex Legends Global Series] is fully patched

Destroyer2009 said in an online chat

The hacker reportedly tested the exploits after the second security update went through on March 26, 2024, and found it to be fixed. However, he also clarified that he didn’t get to test it before, so he can’t say for sure which update seemed to have fixed the exploit.

TechCrunch’s report also mentions that Destroyer2009 will not publicly hack anymore as it may cause him some legal issues.

anything more severe than the [Apex tournament hack] accident will be already considered as a real hacking with all the consequences so [probably] will just play the game until it gets boring as usual.

Destroyer2009 talked about his future plans

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