One Piece Odyssey: Endings Explained

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Wondering how One Piece Odyssey ends? Check out the complete guide below.

One Piece is one of the oldest animes that is still running in 2023. Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the franchise with a bang, One Piece surely didn’t disappoint its fans with a new game. In the game, you will take charge of Luffy and his crew in a whole new world full of dangers and unique treasures.

One Piece Odyssey takes you on a new adventure where chaos is created, and the power of friendship saves the day. In fact, just like every journey, this one also has an end when every missing piece adds up to make sense. Furthermore, below we have explained all the endings of One Piece Odyssey.

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All Endings Explained in One Piece Odyssey

The Endings of One Piece Odyssey are full of emotions and twist, and if you are someone who does not like spoilers. We suggest you don’t read any further as it contains spoilers about the Ending of One Piece Odyssey. Below we have added both the typical Ending and the secret Ending.

Normal Ending

Moving on with the Ending, Adio will show his true intentions after obtaining the Divine Breath. He will backstab Lim by shooting her down, and she will turn into a cube fragment. Adio reveals his plans to create a world order where no one would suffer. He believes this world is full of imperfections and wants to end everyone’s suffering by creating a whole new perfect world.

However, before Lim turns into a cube fragment in Nami’s arms, she asks for one last favor of helping Adio at all costs. After she turns into a cube, the fight between Luffy, the Strawhats, and Adio starts. As the war has ended and once you have managed to stop the assault from Adio. In the distance, marines will attack your ship, and the crew will head off to help and protect the boat. While Luffy goes in alone to defeat Adio.

Luffy and Adio will enter their most potent forms and go head to head to solve this once and forever. Once you defeat Adio again with Luffy, you will see Lim will come back to life, but she will have red eyes. In fact, you will also discover that this version of Lim is the real one, and the other one was a copy. The red-eyed Lim will explain that Adio cared about the other Lim and missed shooting her fatally.

Adio will give Luffy his respect and let him save his ship from marine attacks by giving him his trinket to fly. He also heads off to save the island from the marines bombing it. After all the fights have been settled, the Strawhats will sail to the sea, searching for a new adventure to embarge on. Although we do not see Adio anymore before he flies off to save the island. The copy Lim will also come back, and now there will be two Lims.

One Piece Odyssey All Endings
Credit- Bandai Namco

Secret Ending

This Ending is not a Secret Ending, but rather a post-credit scene. After the credits of One Piece Odyssey are done, you will see the red-eyed Lim calling the copy one because someone is here to meet her. The game does not show you who came, but Lim’s expressions suggest it was possible Adio because he mentioned he would come back for her. All of this sparks up one big question that is a sequel coming? The answer remains unknown till Bandai Namco tells us something.

Before getting to the final Ending, you will have to finish all nine chapters and the missions associated with each chapter. You can check out the complete list of all the main tasks here: One Piece Odyssey: All Main Missions

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