One Piece Odyssey: How to Level Up Fast

Here you can check how to level up fast in One Piece Odyssey.

Leveling up in One Piece Odyssey is especially important because it will help you become more powerful and unlock new items and moves. Grinding in RPG has always been a drawback of playing one. However, recently games like Dragon Ball Z Kakarot have introduced games where level-up has been made easy for fans. In fact, this has changed how players view leveling up in RPG games.

One Piece Odyssey has also announced they will give players multiple ways to reach desired levels quickly. If you are wondering what these ways are. Below we have made a complete guide on how to level up fast in One Piece Odyssey.

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One Piece Odyssey: How to Level Up Fast

One Piece Odyssey allows you to level up using several kinds of missions scattered in the game. Like every other game, you will get reasonable amounts of XP from doing main missions. It is a semi-open world game, so exploring and doing side missions is also something players can focus on. Apart from these two there are more ways you can get XP easily and to make life easier for you. Below we have added more ways you can Level Up Fast inside One Piece Odyssey:

Best Ways to Level up

  • Camping
  • Fighting Mobs
  • Luffy’s Field Action Ability
  • Bounty Head Hunts
  • Side Quest
  • Memory Links Missions


In turn-based games like One Piece Odyssey, you will have to go through many fights and enemies. In addition, on your journey, your team might be tired and need a good night’s rest to restore all the lost HP. To do that, you will have to set up camp and rest. Moreover, you can participate in activities like crafting and cooking while camping to get bonus XP.

Fighting Mobs

You will come across many different kinds of enemies in One Piece Odyssey, and to get the best out of them, you should fight and defeat all of them to get more XP. Each area also has different objectives you can complete, and you will get XP upon completing them. Not all enemies will give you vast amounts of XP, so skip the ones with a lower level than you.

Luffy’s Observation Haki

In the game, you will take control of Luffy, who has an ability called Observation Haki. You can use this ability to track down enemies that provide Bonus XP. Before you fight an enemy, use this ability to see whether the XP writing above the enemy is in Gold. If it is, then you will get bonus XP by defeating that enemy.

One Piece Odyssey
Credits: ILCA

Bounty Head Hunts

Bounty Hunting is a feature in One Piece Odyssey that can help you win exclusive rewards and XP. These missions will be in different game locations, and you will have to head there and finish the objectives to get the rewards and XP. Remember to be prepared for a challenge, as these won’t be easy and will test your abilities in combat.

Side Quest

One Piece Odyssey brings a whole new storyline and a new list of characters. These characters all have their backstories and missions in the game. Apart from characters, many different NPCs will give you different types of tasks, giving you lots of XP to gather.

Memory Links Missions

Memory Links are Bonus Missions you will find in the World of Memories. During these missions, you will have to face many strong enemies who Luffy and his crew already know. Just like its name, the missions will contain characters that have a bond with Luffy and his crew. In fact, after you finish these missions, you will unlock special bonds with certain members of the Straw Hat Pirates, which will help you defeat powerful enemies and make your party even more robust.

One piece also has a long list of characters you will be able to meet in your journey. You can check out the complete list here One Piece Odyssey: All Characters

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