One Piece Odyssey: All Main Missions

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Credit- Namco Bandai Games America Inc.

Here you can find all the main missions in One Piece Odyssey.

One Piece Odyssey is finally here, with a brand new adventure for Luffy and his crew. The Pirate King will need to reunite with his team and fight the mysterious powers on the Island. After getting washed up on an island with nowhere to go, it is up to you to get back on your feet. In One Piece Odyssey, you will be able to roam around and do all sorts of missions and find secrets that lie in the game.

Open-world RPG games have always been known for their long list of interesting missions and activities. Just like that, One Piece Odyssey offers you a massive list of missions you will have to do to finish the game. It also has a long list of side missions, collectables, and items to collect. In fact, you can check out the list of all the Main Missions in One Piece Odyssey below:

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All The Main Missions in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece games have been around for a long time, just like the anime series. A new RPG game from Bandai Namco is already here to celebrate the 25th anniversary of One Piece. Inside the game, the story is divided into chapters, each with different objectives and missions. Since these are the main missions, you must complete them to go further into the story. Furthermore, below you can check out the complete list of all the main missions in One Piece Odyssey.

All Main Missions list

Chapter 1: Island of Storms

  • Mysterious Island Exploration
  • Retrieving Lost Strength
  • Explore the Thunderhead Ruins
  • Regain Strength

Chapter 2: Memories of the Desert Kingdom, Alabasta

  • Defeat Crocodile
  • Head to Rainbase
  • Find Crocodile
  • Head to the capital city Alubarna
  • Stop Crocodile’s plans
  • Get Vivi back
  • Stop the Bombardment
  • Defeat Crocodile
  • Meet Up With Your Friends
  • Board Merry
  • Return to the Strange Place
One Piece Odyssey All Main Missions
Credit- Namco Bandai Games America Inc.

Chapter 3: The Wind Colossus and Dust Ruins

  • Challenge the Dust Ruins
  • Cross the Quicksand
  • Challenge the Dust Runs
  • Defeat the Colossus
  • To the Next Adventure

Chapter 4: Exploring Water Seven, City on the Sea

  • Explore Water Seven
  • Defeat Rob Lucci
  • Save Luffy and Robin
  • Save the Kidnapped Usopp
  • Get Franky and Usopp Back
  • Escape Enies Lobby
  • Go Back to Water Seven
  • Join the Party
  • Head to the Beach

Chapter 5: Water Colossus and Ice Block Ruins

  • Go to the Inland Sea
  • Return to Adio’s House
  • Find Lim’s Crystal Ball
  • Return to Adio’s House
  • Investigate the Ruins
  • Go On a New Adventure
  • To the Next Adventure

Chapter 6: Paramount War: Battle of Marineford

  • Survive the Paramount War 1
  • Survive the Paramount War 2
  • Survive the Paramount War 3
  • Survive the Paramount War 4
  • Survive the Paramount War 5
  • To the Next Adventure

Chapter 7: Assemble! Straw Hat Pirates

  • Find Sanji
  • Make Some Cola
  • Get Brook’s Body Back
  • To the Next Adventure

Chapter 8: Kingdom in Conflict: Battle of Dressrosa

  • Defeat Doflamingo
  • Head to the New Royal Plateau
  • Defeat Doflamingo
  • Search the War Torn City

Final Chapter: What those Hands can Grasp

  • Return to Waford
  • Assess the Situation
  • Go After Adio
  • Challenge the Sky Tower
  • Decipher the Strange Writing
  • Go to Memoria
  • Find a Clue to the Writing
  • Go to Memoria
  • Find a Clue to the Sheet Music
  • Go to Adio
  • Stop Adio
  • Travel Preparations

With so many main missions, there are also many of side quest and Characters in One Piece Odyssey. If you are wondering how many characters there are in One Piece Odyssey. You can check out our article here One Piece Odyssey: All Characters.

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