One Piece Odyssey: Chest Key Guide – All Chest Locations

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There are Chests full of Treasure and other valuable items in the game, One Piece Odyssey. You can find all of them and level up quickly with the rewards. This guide will show you all Chest locations.

One Piece Odyssey is the most recent turn-based role-playing video game. You can choose your character, but remember that each one will be distinct. The characters’ diversity ups the game’s excitement.

Players must complete tasks, solve puzzles, and gather items. Additionally, they will have to engage enemies in the Scramble Area Battle system. Commands can be input into the menu during combat. You’ll gain more XP and level up more quickly if you succeed. Players can run into humorous circumstances in the game, even when engaged in combat. In the mysterious world of One Piece Odyssey, you will find Treasure Chests.

You can get Chest Keys and open up all the Treasure Chests on the map. There are in total of 22 Treasure Chests in One Piece Odyssey. And you will find these in Alabasta, Waford, Water Seven, Marineford, and Dressrosa.

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Chest Key Guide – All Chest Locations

You have to find the Master Chest Key to open all the Chests. Without the Key, you will not be able to collect the items.

To get the Chest Key, you must finish all the Grand Line Quiz quests, and then you can proceed to get the Key and open the Chests.

All the Chest Locations are down below:

Main RegionChest Location
Alabasta1. Sandy Ruins
2. Desolate Valley
3. Bone Bridge Canyon
4. Eastern Highway at Nanohana
Waford1. Waford Central at Waford South
2. Sky Tower Strange Cube Floor Level 1 at Sky Tower
3. Sky Tower Strange Cube Floor Level 2 at Sky Tower
4. Path to Eastern Ruins at Waford South
5. Hermit’s Cave
6. 2 Treasure Chests in Forbidden Valley at Waford South
7. Circular Inland Sea at Waford South
Water Seven1. Material Depot at Dock One
2. Red Bird Apparel at Water Seven City Area
3. 2 Treasure Chests in Old Sewer at Water Seven
4. Cafe Park at Water Seven City Area
Marineford1. Town Outskirts in Marineford City Area
Dressrosa1. New Royal Plateau at Great Fissure at the Bottom
2. Weapon Shop in Rose Guerrero at Dressrosa City Area
3. Dressrosa City Old Residential District at Dressrosa City Area
4. Coliseum Path at Dressrosa City Area
All Chest Locations

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