One Piece Odyssey: All Meal Cooking List

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In One Piece Odyssey, Sanji, an amazing cook, cooks for the entire team with different cooking levels and ingredients. This guide will show you the Meal cooking lists in One Piece Odyssey.

One Piece Odyssey is the latest role-playing video game where you can take turns. You can choose your character, and always remember that your character will be different from the other characters. Each of the characters is different, and that makes this game exciting.

Players must complete quests, solve puzzles, and collect items. They will also need to fight off enemies in the Scramble Area Battle system. You can put commands in the Menu while you are fighting. If you win, you can level up quickly and increase your XPs. Sometimes, players will also randomly face funny experiences in the game, even in a battle situation. There is a cool character, Sanji, who provides the player’s food on Level 1,2,3 to regain health stats quickly.

Sanji usually serves Strawhat Crew. He has various recipes. You can get his cooking ability after you have unlocked a few recipes first. In the main story, you will find Sanji and be given a quest to find ingredients to make a certain recipe for Level 1 cooking. And Sanji gets more capable when players get Memory Cubes.

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All Meal Cooking List

You can get to Sanji’s Kitchen by going through the Menu in the game. You will have to find Memory Cubes for Sanji and collect easy to difficult ingredients to cook various recipes with Sanji.

All Meal cooking list is down below:

Level 01

Meal NameIngredients
Herb-Grilled Bo Bo Bird1. Bo Bo Bird Breast
2. Fragrant Herb
Banana Gator Pie1. Gator Banana
2. Powder Wheat
3. Trace Sugar
Sazae Kancho Pescatore1. Sazae Kancho Liver
2. Desert Tomato

Bronze Bat Soup

1. Bronze Bat Wing
2. Corn Stalk
Sandora Dragon Steak Tips1. Sandora Dragon Meat
2. Bedrock Salt
Bedrock Salt Pasta1. Simple Pasta
2. Bedrock Salt
Scorpion And Clam Soup1. Scorpion Leg
2. Sandy Shell
Small Drumstick1. Chunk of Meat
2. Fragrant Herb
Meal Cooking List – Level 01

Level 02

Meal NameIngredients
Elephant Tuna Saute1. Elephant Tuna
2. Ogre Onion
3. Powder Wheat
4. Bedrock Salt
Aqua Cabbage Roll1. Aqua Meat
2. Aqua Cabbage
3. Bedrock Salt
4. Desert Tomato
Golden Jelly1. Golden Bat Wing
2. Trace Sugar
3. Pop Cream
4. Ringing Apple
Durian Gator Salad1. Gator Durian
2. Aqua Cabbage
3. Tree Melon
Ganzo’s Oden1. Bo Bo Bird Egg
2. Sea Radfish
3. Devil’s Tongue
Ogre Sazae Kancho Carbonara1. Sazae Kancho Ogre Liver
2. Static Skipjack
3. Pop Cream
Thunder Soup1. Shock Kabuto Meat
2. Electric Dragon Meat
3. Orb Onion
Flame Salisbury Steak1. Volcano Dragon Tail
2. Kaen Kabuto Shell
3. Blue Peppercorn
Meal Cooking List – Level 02

Level 03

Level 03 is the ultimate level of cooking for Sanji. And the ingredients for this level are not that much hard to find. The recipes are quite the same as Level 02. Only the effects are increased to a greater portion in this Level 03.

All these different levels of cooked meals increase the team’s Health, XP, Defensive Modules, and Combat Skills and Heal the players thoroughly.

These are lists of all Meal in One Piece Odyssey.

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