New Player Calls Apex Legends Out for Being too Hard

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Apex Legends is presumably a hard game to get into, as the skill floor is just too high for new players.

Respawn has successfully run one of the most popular battle royale games this decade. Launched in 2019, Apex Legends is one of the fan favorites in the gaming space. Currently in its 19th season of content and progression, it has undoubtedly been a successful 5 years.

However, this poses a different kind of issue, one that the community has a strong opinion on. Since the game is so old, with lots of mechanics and honed players, it feels like a step too far for a new player to join in on the action. Moreover, without a constant supply of new players, the game cannot stand the test of time either.

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Apex Legends Has High Skill Floor

A high-skill floor makes it difficult for new players to enjoy and learn the game. If the learning curve is too steep, players will not be able to climb it in time before they realize they can just find another easier game to play. Apex Legends might seem like a simple game, but there are mechanics and skills that old players have had a long time to learn and perfect. This puts new players at a disadvantage, as one Reddit thread suggests:

Why Is Apex So Hard? (new player here)
byu/SpinachObjective8323 inapexlegends

The easiest way to get better is to just play the game. That much is true. However, there ought to be a chance for a novice player to learn the game’s rules without having a seasoned veteran roll over for them. A new player cannot possibly hope to cover the game time of an old player, especially if he is a casual gamer.

Pairing up new players with veterans just makes the experience miserable for newbies. Smurfing itself is an issue that is hard to deal with, but when high-skilled players encounter new accounts on their mains, this issue shifts towards a flawed SBMM system.

byu/SpinachObjective8323 from discussion

Is There a Solution?

Respawn needs to create a safe space for new players to learn the game against other players while protecting them from the absolute best players in the game. The future of the game depends on a healthy number of new players getting into the game and having a chance to raise their skills. Although Orientation Matches are there for the new players, they need something better than that when they actually face real players.

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