Is Apex Legends Slowly Dying? The Community Voices Concerns

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Fans are concerned that EA’s beloved battle royale Apex Legends is slowly dying out.

Release in February of 2019, Apex is close to reaching 5 years of continued success. The Legend-based Battle Royale has seen an extreme rise in popularity with its fast-paced gameplay, unique legend interactions, satisfying abilities, and engaging lore. The most recent seasonal update saw Respawn release their 25th Unique Legend in Conduit.

However, as the year closes, lingering issues don’t seem to go away. Players have been complaining regarding multiple issues and are concerned that EA isn’t taking a closer look at the game. They fear that Apex Legends might be dying.

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Cause for Concerns

The community on Reddit is one of the largest hubs for casual and competitive players. Users on the subreddit constantly discuss whether Apex is moving toward certain death. There are fair arguments on both sides. The gameplay is still considered to be an enjoyable experience. However, there are some legitimate concerns that the developers are not ironing out.

This Game is choosing to die
byu/WGRupert inapexlegends

Mainly, the SBMM is said to be very strict in its current form, making finding games a real hassle. While everyone wants a fair shot to win, the priority is actually finding a match to play. The SBMM is practically gatekeeping players from both ends of the skill tree from consistently joining a game.

There’s also the lack of alternative game modes. The recent three-strikes mode was an instant fan favorite, and many players wanted it to remain. Players are disgruntled at the rotation of popular game modes in favor of recycled content from previous years, and even then, they are getting canceled. Finally, there’s the question of bombarding the game with collection events behind a massive paywall, a whole other can of worms.

Is Apex Truly Dying?

At the end of the day, the developers have all the data behind the scenes. The community can only provide feedback with their game time. Looking purely at the Steam Player charts, there is an obvious downward trend in the past few months. However, this doesn’t count players from other consoles or platforms, which might paint a different story.

Apex Legends Player Count
Data from SteamDB

After the release of Ignite, content has been slow to drop. However, content bombing may lead to less and less excitement for each drop. Instead, maybe Respawn has changed its approach and is preparing something new. All in all, we can only wait until there are more signs to point to either side of the conversation.

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