Apex Legends Player Bashes Promotional Trials System, Says it is “Ruining the Game”

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: EA

The new Promotional Trials system has been criticized heavily by long-term players for promoting stale gameplay.

Respawn’s premier title, Apex Legends, has recently entered its 19th season, adding a new Battle Pass and even a new Legend, Conduit. Alongside the new content and cosmetics, Apex Promotional Trials are a new addition.

Respawn introduced Promotional Trials to combat some of the issues with the previous ranked seasons. However, players are starting to voice concerns that the trials do not help but add more to the problems.

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What are Apex Promotional trials?

The Apex Legends Promotional Trials are a set of challenges that a player must complete to rank up. These challenges range from having multiple top-3 finishes to any number of Kills and assists in the game, depending on the rank you are in.

The purpose of these trials was to encourage a different playstyle, as the best way to rank up previously was to get top placements in consecutive matches. This made players ‘Rat’, which means to hide and avoid fights to achieve a higher placement and secure crucial points. However, the trials seem to have exaggerated the problem.

The Problems with the Trials

The main issue with the new system is the objectives. At present, most of the trials require a top-3 placement alongside a certain number of kill participants. In the lower ranks, these objectives can be achieved over multiple games. Therefore, players are more encouraged just to rat and avoid fights until they meet their objectives. There are also instances of being penalized if your teammate doesn’t connect, leaving you with a man down.

Apex Legends Player Bashes Promotional Trials System, Says it is Ruining the Game
Credit: EA

While you might need some fights to rank up, your teammate might only need a top placement. This mismatch is causing huge divides in the solo queuing player base, and the community response on Reddit is quite the same.

Is there a Solution?

Respawn is constantly tweaking the formula to make competitive gaming a fun experience. You might not be facing these problems if you queue with your friends. However, the game has a substantial solo queueing player base, and they deserve a decent gaming experience as well. A solution might be to make kills in the later stages much more valuable so that placements aren’t the only way to rank up. Nevertheless, the trials are the first step to improving the state of the game.

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