5 Most Popular Skins At Worlds 2022

Which skin was the most popular in this year’s Worlds? Let’s find out.

League of Legends World Championship 2022 has been one of the, if not the best, Worlds tournaments thus far. Having one of the most diverse Worlds meta, high-quality matches, or top-notch performances by the players, Worlds 2022 has been a blast.

This year also had one of the best storylines as well. Whether it is about Faker winning another trophy, Chovy overcoming his inner demons, or JDG living up to their expectations, in the end, Kingen and Zeka shattered all expectations and carried DRX to victory, winning the Worlds 2022 trophy.

Speaking of Worlds 2022, this year had one of the most diverse selections of champions and skins out of all the world’s tournaments. Across this year’s 127 games, there were 109 champions and 362 skins picked, both being much higher than last year’s 91 champions and 304 skins.

So, you might be thinking, which skin was used the most? Let us find out, shall we?

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Most Popular Skins Worlds 2022

Here’s the list of the most used skins in Worlds 2022.

5. Poro Rider Sejuani

Poro Rider Sejuani
Image Credit: Riot Games

Poro Rider Sejuani takes the number 5 spot with 19 games played and winning 11 of them.

Sejuani was one of the go-to junglers for many players in Worlds 2022 and Poro Rider Sejuani, being the most used skin, is no surprise. First of all, visually, the skin is fantastic, having some solid VFX and SFX and recall animation, and most importantly, Sejuani is riding a giant poro; what’s not to love?

4. Classic Azir

Classic Azir
Image Credit: Riot Games

At number 4, we have the Classic Azir. Well, It’s technically not a skin, but with 21 games played with Classic Azir in Worlds 2022, how can we not put it on our list?

The Demon King’s influence shows in this one; many people have started following Faker and using the default skin. Classic Azir being the highest-used skin throughout the tournament, it’s pretty obvious.

3. Crime City Graves

Crime City Graves
Image Credit: Riot Games

Crime City Graves takes the number 3 spot with 23 games played throughout the tournament.

Graves was one of the highest-priority junglers in this year’s Worlds tournament, with a whopping 73% presence. Unfortunately, the champion was also a menace in the hands of carry jungle players like Canyon, Kanavi, Oner, and Wei. And the skin they mostly used was Crime City Graves.

Crime City Graves, according to graves players, is the best and has the smoothest animation. On a mechanical champion like Graves, it matters a lot. So it’s no wonder the skin is used a lot.

2. Freljord Sylas

Freljord Sylas
Image Credit: Riot Games

Taking the number 2 spot is Freljord Sylas. Being the second highest-picked Mid laner in Worlds 2022 and being one of the favorites of Zeka, it’s no surprise it’s so high on the list.

Freljord Sylas is probably Sylas’s best skin released, its Freljord themed skin with heavy lore implications. And the skin has very lovely looking SFX and VFX.

1. Mecha Aatrox 

Mecha Aatrox 
Image Credit: Riot Games

The number 1 most used skin in Worlds 2022 is Mecha Aatrox.

Aatrox is the only champion in the tournament’s main stage with a 100 percent presence, with 58 bans and 22 picks, and has been Kingen’s go-to pick.

It is absolutely epic looking and is one of the best Mecha skins. The skin is inspired by ‘Starscream’ of the Transformers series; Aatrox also transforms into a jet plane in his recall animation. Other than that, the skin has solid SFX and VFX.

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