All Worlds Champion Teams in League of Legends

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With Worlds 2022 wrapped up, here are all the Worlds Champion teams in League of Legends history.

League of Legends Worlds 2022 has wrapped up as DRX became the champion, making them the tenth different team to win a Worlds finals. There have already been twelve Worlds tournaments, and the event has gotten bigger each year.

Each Worlds had its meta and different teams competing to win it all. The format has changed over the years slightly while keeping the core intact. Riot has already mentioned changing the format for the upcoming year and onwards.

Regardless, with so many different teams that have won Worlds, let’s jump into the World champions of every year starting from earliest to latest.

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All The Worlds Champion Teams

Let’s start the list in chronological order from earliest to latest.

Worlds Champions 2011: Fnatic

Fnatic 2011 League of Legends
Image Credit: LoL Esports

2011 is the one Worlds many esports fans do not want to count. As it was the infancy of LoL Esports and the format was completely different from the rest, many fans do not count Fnatic winning Worlds. However, they won Worlds in the first season of League of Legends. So at least, they deserve to be known as World Champions.

Worlds Champions 2012: Taipei Assassins

Taipei Assassins 2012 League of Legends
Image Credit: LoL Esports

Taipei Assassins are the second Worlds champions, and Worlds 2012 was the first time we saw the knockout format as we see now. They are the one and only SEA team to win Worlds, and since then, no other team from the region has made it close.

Worlds Champions 2013: SK Telecom T1

SK Telecom T1 2013 League of Legends
Image Credit: LoL Esports

The first of many Worlds trophies for SKT (now T1) and the start of Faker’s Legacy. This was the first time a Korean team won Worlds, which triggered Korean dominance on the international stage for the next few years. Many of the players from this squad left by the time they won their next trophy in 2015.

Worlds Champions 2014: Samsung White

Samsung White 2014 League of Legends
Image Credit: LoL Esports

One of the most dominant teams in LoL Esports history, Samsung White, barely dropped a game before winning the trophy. A star-studded lineup with their bot lane Imp and Mata leading the charge. Mata won the MVP this year, and it was the first time the MVP award was given for the finals performance.

Worlds Champions 2015: SK Telecom T1

SK Telecom T1 2015 League of Legends
Image Credit: LoL Esports

The second World win for SKT was a memorable tournament with this refurbished lineup of the team. Faker was at his peak at this time as the entire team, alongside MaRin and Faker, rallied to win the tournament. MaRin was the MVP this year for his spectacular performances throughout Worlds 2015.

Worlds Champions 2016: SK Telecom T1

SK Telecom T1 2016 League of Legends
Image Credit: LoL Esports

The first back-to-back and third-time champions were SKT. It was a close contest in the finals, but SKT edged out. The team had changes in the lineup from 2015, but that did not stop them from winning the trophy. Faker received MVP this year for his outstanding play.

Worlds Champions 2017: Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy 2017 League of Legends
Image Credit: LoL Esports

This was the first upset in Worlds when Samsung Galaxy ran through the tournament to beat SKT in the finals. It was so iconic that Riot made the Worlds 2018 theme song “Rise” to commemorate the achievement of SSG. This tournament was also mired with the Ardent Censer meta moniker due to its unpopularity. Ruler won MVP for his performance in the finals.

Worlds Champions 2018: Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming 2018 League of Legends
Image Credit: LoL Esports

The first Chinese team to win Worlds was Invictus Gaming in 2018. This was the first of many trophies won by the region and was certainly one of the most dominant wins ever. The tandem of Rookie and theShy proved hard for teams to handle, along with Ning running amok in the jungle. Ning won MVP for terrorizing Fnatic in the finals with his aggressive ganking.

Worlds Champions 2019: FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix 2019 League of Legends
Image Credit: LoL Esports

FunPlus Phoenix was the second Chinese team to win Worlds in 2019. Spearheaded by DoinB and Tian, this team created a play pattern for themselves to be a dominant team across the tournament. The roaming style created unique avenues for the team to win the entire tournament. Tian was named MVP for his superb play in the finals.

Worlds Champions 2020: DAMWON Gaming

DAMWON Gaming 2020 League of Legends
Image Credit: LoL Esports

Korea makes its way back to winning a trophy as the new kings of Korea, DAMWON Gaming, win their first trophy in their first appearance in the finals. The top side of Nuguri, Canyon, and ShowMaker was a deadly combination teams could not handle. Canyon was the MVP, which was the start of his legacy as one of the best junglers ever.

Worlds Champions 2021: EDward Gaming

EDward Gaming 2021 League of Legends
Image Credit: LoL Esports

After years of trials and tribulations, EDward Gaming broke through in 2021 to win their first Worlds trophy. In the finals, they beat defending champion DAMWON KIA to win the summoners cup. Scout was named MVP, and this team finally had the success they wanted.

Worlds Champions 2022: DRX

DRX 2022 League of Legends
Image Credit: LoL Esports

The most surprising run of all time is the recent winner, DRX, at Worlds 2022. No one could have written a better script for this team to come out of nowhere and run the entire tournament from Play-ins to Finals to winning it all. They beat T1 in the finals, and no one expected DRX to come out victorious. Kingen won Finals MVP for being the driving force in the top lane to get his team over the line.


To recap, these teams have won Worlds for the last 12 years.

  • 2011: Fnatic
  • 2012: Taipei Assassins
  • 2013: SK Telecom T1
  • 2014: Samsung White
  • 2015: SK Telecom T1
  • 2016: SK Telecom T1
  • 2017: Samsung Galaxy
  • 2018: Invictus Gaming
  • 2019: FunPlus Phoenix
  • 2020: DAMWON Gaming
  • 2021: EDward Gaming
  • 2022: DRX

With that said, in the last few years, we have seen different winners for Worlds, and we hope to see that for years to come as League of Legends Esports gets more and more competitive.

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