Most Played Maps in VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo

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Are you curious to find out what the most played maps were in VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 Masters Tokyo? Don’t worry. We got you covered.

VCT Masters Tokyo is VALORANT’s second-biggest international event in 2023. The best teams from all over the world are facing each other in this tournament to win the Masters trophy. Teams are going through never-ending battles to reach this pinnacle of VALORANT to take away the title from 11 other teams throughout the world. Every team has studied their opponents and the current meta to stay one step ahead. The same goes for their map choices.

Currently, there are 21 released Agents and 9 total maps in the game. Among them, Lotus is the latest addition to the current VALORANT map pool. Although there are 9 maps available, only 7 of these are available in the current map rotation. Each map in VALORANT features distinctive designs and architecture. So, naturally, some maps are more preferred than others.

Many components, such as map layout, meta, and team composition, have great impacts on the choice of maps. The same applies to any international tournaments such as VCT. So, without further ado, let’s see what the most played maps in VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo were.

This list was updated on June 25, 2023, at 6:01 PM UTC.

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Most Played Maps in VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo

Here, we’ll list all the Maps from best to worst based on highest to lowest picks. The list will also include the number of matches played for each map in the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 Masters. The list will exclude Icebox and Breeze because these maps are not currently in the competitive map pool.

RankMap NameTotal Picks
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Fracture and Lotus remain the most played map in the VALORANT 2023 Masters event with 13 total picks each, followed closely by Split with 12 picks. The reworked Bind also did pretty well, as teams have picked this map 9 times in the tournament.

Compared to other maps, Pearl did not do really well despite being a fairly new map in VALORANT. However, it might change in the upcoming tournaments as some major changes have recently been made to this map in the 6.11 update.

On the other hand, Pearl and Ascent remain the two least-played maps in the whole tournament, with only 7 picks each.

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