Most Picked and Banned Champions In Worlds 2023

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With Worlds 2023 already ongoing, here are the most picked and banned champions in the tournament.

Worlds 2023 is in progress as League of Legends‘ biggest Esports tournament is off to a flyer. The new Play-Ins format was a joy to watch as all the teams showed what they were made of. In the end, GAM Esports and Team BDS were the two teams to qualify for the Swiss Stage.

This time around, Riot switched around the format for the Main Event as well, with the Swiss Stage being the highlight. After the last series of the Play-Ins, Riot conducted the draw, where we got our first eight matchups. That said, we have also listed out the best matches for Round 1 of the Swiss Stage.

With the Swiss Stage done, next up is the Quarterfinals that is set to start from November 2. So, we are analyzing all the games that have happened so far and listing out the top 20 champions with the most Presence (Picked and Banned) during drafts. Here is the list according to all the games that have happened so far.

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Most Picked and Banned Champions Worlds 2023

This list is a combination of Presence during the draft phase. This takes both Pick and Ban Rates into account and creates a statistical understanding of what the Professional teams have been prioritizing. Also, the Roles and Win Percentages to be more informative of how the champion is being used.

Overall, the Play-Ins gave us a lot of data compared to the past. There were more meaningful games with the switch up to a series format, and we had a lot more interesting games with draft adaptations.

After the Swiss Stage ended, we got a lot more data available. Champions like Taliyah fell off in terms of win rate and such. That said, here are all the most picked and banned champions at Worlds 2023 thus far.

Note: This list does take Worlds Qualifying Series 2023 into account.

NoChampionsPresencePick RateBan RateWin PercentageRoles Used In
1Xayah98%48.8% (41/84)51.2% (43/84)71% (29/41)AD Carry
2Maokai95%30.5% (25/82)69.5% (57/82)56% (14/25)Jungle, AD Carry
3Orianna93%33.8% (27/80)64.2% (53/80)63% (17/27)Mid
4Jarvan IV74%53.1% (34/64)46.9% (30/64)50% (17/34)Jungle
5Kai’Sa73%84.1% (53/63)15.9% (10/63)42% (22/53)AD Carry
6Rumble72%29.0% (18/62)71% (44/62)72% (13/18)Top
7Rakan72%69.4% (43/62)30.6% (19/62)58% (25/43)Support
8Neeko72%30.6% (19/62)69.4% (43/62)68% (13/19)Mid, Support
9Rell66%66.7% (38/57)33.3% (19/57)53% (20/58)Jungle, Support
10Kalista63%20.4% (11/54)79.6% (43/54)36% (4/11)AD Carry
11Jax60%48.1% (25/52)51.9% (27/52)52% (13/25)Top
12Azir60%44.2% (23/52)55.8% (29/52)52% (12/23)Mid
13K’Sante60%69.2% (36/52)30.8% (16/52)47% (17/36)Top, Mid
14Alistar59%58.8% (30/51)41.2% (21/51)37% (11/30)Support
15Renekton59%64.7% (33/51)35.3% (18/51)45% (15/33)Top
16Lee Sin52%44.4% (20/45)56.6% (25/45)30% (6/20)Jungle
17Poppy52%15.6% (7/45)84.4% (38/45)29% (2/7)Top, Jungle
18Nautilus51%75% (33/44)25% (11/44)52% (12/23)Support
19Vi49%42.9% (18/42)57.1% (24/42)33% (6/18)Jungle
20Sejuani48%51.2% (21/41)48.8% (20/41)57% (12/21)Jungle
21Taliyah44%57.9% (22/38)42.1% (16/38)27% (6/22)Mid, Jungle
Stats from Gol.GG

Observations of the Statistics

Since the Swiss Stage ended, Xayah and Maokai priority has remained the same. Against dive, Xayah was determined as the big pick. Orianna and Jarvan IV has jumped much higher in priority with Rumble and Kai’Sa being steady.

OVerall, there are few flex picks in that list other than Rell and Taliyah. Poppy has been flexed a bit but it is mostly a jungler at this point. Overall, there is a lot of diversity in the Jungle role as well as the Support and AD Carry role. Meanwhile, Top and Mid lane has stuck to the usual Orianna/Azir/Neeko picks.

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