LoL Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Draw

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot conducted the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Draw after the last series of the Play-Ins, as we have our first eight matchups for Round 1 of the main event.

Worlds 2023 has started off pretty well, as the Play-Ins have ended for the biggest tournament of League of Legends. GAM Esports and Team BDS are making it to the Swiss Stage, joining the other 14 teams. Every other team waiting for their chance to compete is now gearing up for October 19.

That said, it has been a solid overhaul of a format that has now given us a lot of exciting moments. Teams like LOUD and Team Whales are why we should have Play-Ins, as they were really close to making it to the Swiss Stage.

Regardless, the best 16 teams are ready to compete for eight spots in the Knockouts Stage. This time around, the format has changed for a lot of variety in the matchups. As the draw has concluded, the Stage is set for all the teams to compete at different locations in Korea. Here are the matchups we ended up with.

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Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Draw

The Swiss Stage is divided into several best of 1s and 3s, where there will be a draw after each round. So, we first have the Round 1 Draw for the Swiss Stage. Here were the pools drawn from for the first set of matches.

Worlds 2023 Team Pools

Swiss Stage Draw Pool
Image Credit: Riot Games

The teams were divided into four Pools. Pool 1 is the #1 Seeds, Pool 2 is the #2 Seeds, and Pool 3 is the #3 Seeds. For Pool 4, it was the LCK and LPL 4th Seed, along with GAM Esports and Team BDS, winners of the Play-Ins.

  • Pool 1: JD Gaming, Gen.G, G2 Esports, NRG
  • Pool 2: LNG Esports, T1, Fnatic, Cloud9
  • Pool 3: Bilibili Gaming, KT Rolster, MAD Lions, Team Liquid
  • Pool 4: Weibo Gaming, DPlus KIA, Team BDS, GAM Esports

Draw Results

Swiss Stage Bracket
Image Credit: Riot Games

The draw was done to match teams of Pool 1 with Pool 4 and Pool 2 vs Pool 3. That said, here are all the draw results.

  • Match 1: T1 vs Team Liquid
  • Match 2: Cloud9 vs MAD Lions
  • Match 3: Gen.G vs GAM Esports
  • Match 4: JD Gaming vs Team BDS
  • Match 5: G2 Esports vs DPlus KIA
  • Match 6: NRG vs Weibo Gaming
  • Match 7: Fnatic vs LNG Esports
  • Match 8: Bilibili Gaming vs KT Rolster

These are all the four matches that will happen on October 19. It is a very interesting draw, considering G2 vs DK is the highlight. Meanwhile, C9 vs MAD is another spectacle of NA vs EU and BLG vs KT Rolster.

A Round of these games sets up all of these teams for the following matches and determines the next opponents based on the current win record. The Swiss Stage starts on October 19, and we should see how the new Stage works.

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