Monster Hunter Rise: How to get Stuffed Rathalos Great Sword

The Stuffed Rathalos Great Sword is one of the greatest and finest Swords in Monter Hunter Rise. This guide will show you how to get this unique Sword.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest action and role-playing game where you will also get a friendly companion, Palamute, by your side in every mission. You play as The Hunter in this game. There is Wirebug in the game, and you get to visit every corner of the vast world of this game through a map. Players can do Wyvern Riding, where they can control certain monsters. Players will get many powerful weapons and armor to deal damage to other monster enemies and capture them. You will get all types of firearms like Shield, Gun, Sword, and more!

There are different types of Swords in the game, and one of the most powerful ones is the Great Sword. It is vast in size and a mighty Sword to have in your hands while in combat with powerful opponents. There is the powerful Stuffed Rathalos Great Sword that you can get to defeat enemies and go forward in the game.

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How to get Stuffed Rathalos Great Sword

Unfortunately, you cannot get this mighty Sword by winning missions or completing specific requirements; you must purchase it with real-world money.

You can purchase this Sword from;

  • Steam Store
  • Nintendo eShop

You can get this for $2.49 by going to the Monster Hunter Rise section of the Steam Store. In that section, choose the Stuffed Rathalos Great Sword in the Weapon list, and finally, purchase it.

You can also get it from Nintendo eShop. Visit Nintendo eShop online, search for Monster Hunter Rise’s Weapon list, choose the Stuffed Rathalos Great Sword, and finally purchase it.

After you have acquired this fantastic Sword;

  • Talk to the NPC of Kamura Village
  • Then click “Add-On Content” by opening the Menu option.

This Stuffed Rathalos Great Sword will look super cool on your chosen Sword. This is an exceptional item and also a rare one. If you like to customize your Sword’s outlook, you can purchase this Stuffed Rathalos Great Sword skin to look more fabulous.

This way, you can get the Stuffed Rathalos Great Sword in Monster Hunter Rise.

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