Mario Golf: Super Rush Guide: How to Unlock More Courses, Golf Clubs, Outfits

Here is a complete guide to unlock everything in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Nintendo Switch’s latest addition has already topped the market sales in just three days after its release. Mario Golf: Super Rush brings its fans a brand new golf experience with your favorite characters. You can get lost playing it for hours, unlocking everything the game offers. Furthermore, so we have made a complete Mario Golf: Super Rush Guide.

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How to Unlock More Courses, Equipment, Golf Clubs, Outfits Guide:

How to unlock more Golf Courses in Mario Golf :

There are a total of 6 courses in the game and which you can unlock by doing certain things in the game. In fact, we have mentioned the requirements to unlock each golf course in Mario Golf below:

  • Rookie Course: You will get it after starting the game.
  • Bonny Greens: You can unlock this after playing 18 Holes on Rookie Course.
  • Ridgerock Lake: You can unlock this by playing18 Holes on Bonny Greens.
  • Balmy Dunes: You can unlock this by playing 18 Holes on Ridgerock Lake.
  • Wildweather Woods: You can unlock this by playing 18 Holes on Balmy Dunes.
  • Bowser Highlands: You can unlock this by playing 18 Holes on Wildweather Woods.

How to unlock Golf clubs in Mario Golf :

You will get several clubs as you start the game from the Caddie Master. You can, however, buy more clubs later with in-game money or character points. Moreover, below is a complete list of the available golf clubs you can buy and unlock in Mario Golf:

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  • Ridgerock Lake Shop:
    • Piranha Plant Approach Wedge – purchase for 800 Coins
    • Lakitu 5 Wood – purchase for 1000 Coins
    • Boomerang Draw 9 Iron – purchase for 900 Coins
    • Boomerang Fade 9 Iron – purchase for 600 Coins
    • Bullet Bill 4 Hybrid – purchase for 1200 Coins
  • Bonny Greens Shop
    • Super Mushroom Driver – purchase for 1200 coins
    • Mini Mushroom Pitching Wedge – purchase for 800 coins
    • Banana Fade 5 Hybrid – purchase for 600 coins
    • Banana Draw 5 Hybrid – purchase for 600 coins
  • Balmy Dunes Shop
    • Dry Bones Shell 3 Wood – purchase for 1500 coins
    • Bullet Bill 7 Iron – purchase for 1200 coins
    • Pokey Sand Wedge – purchase for 800 coins
  •  Purchase using Character Points
    • All 2-Star Super Star Clubs – 3000 points
    • All 1-Star Star Clubs – 1000 points

How to unlock Outfits in Mario Golf Guide:

Each outfit is unique in Mario Mario Golf: Super Rush since they all provide some boost. Apart from the default outfit, you can buy several outfits from some designated shops. Below you can check out where you can buy and unlock these outfits from in Mario Golf:

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  • Bonny Greens Shop
    • Stamina Attire – 800 coins
    • Grass Shoes – 500 coins
  • Ridgerock Lake Shop
    • Attack Attire – 800 coins
    • Climbing Shoes – 500 coins
  • Balmy Dunes Shop
    • Cool Attire – 1000 coins
    • Desert Shoes – 800 coins

How to unlock more characters in Mario Mario Golf: Super Rush:

There are 16 characters you can switch between in the game itself. However, you will not have to unlock to play with any of these. Fans will have full access to the entire library from the start of the game. Moreover, you can check out the complete list of characters you can play within Mario Golf below:

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  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Yoshi
  • Bowser
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Boo
  • Donkey Kong
  • Rosalina
  • Pauline
  • Toad
  • Chargin’ Chuck
  • King Bob-omb

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