Scarlet Nexus: How To Farm Money

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By Md Obyead Adiba Chowdhury
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Below is a complete guide on how to farm and save money on Scarlet Nexus.

Bandai Namco’s action JRPG has undoubtedly made its mark after just one day into its release. Scarlet Nexus has a lot to offer than just the bosses and fights.

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The game has a thriller story along with a beautiful and unique world. However, one of the most significant aspects of the game is in-game money. If you’re looking for the fastest and most efficient ways of farming money in Scarlet Nexus, then we’ve got you covered.

Best Ways to Farm Money in Scarlet Nexus

Here are all the best and most effective ways of earning money in Scarlet Nexus:

Play the Main Story

The most common way of earning money in Scarlet Nexus is through defeating enemies. The more you kill, the more money you will get. A quick way to find more monsters is by completing the story.

In fact, following the main story will require completing more quests, which will lead you to more monsters and earn you money and XP rewards.

Unlock the Brain Crush Skill

Unlocking the Brain Crush Money Bonus Skill is one of the most effective ways to save money in Scarlet Nexus. In fact, this skill will give you bonus money every time you kill an enemy using the Brain Crush ability. This skill helps in farming a lot of money in a quick succession of time.

Revisit Map Areas

The final way to get more money is by revisiting areas you have already gone through. It will give you more enemies to defeat and more money to farm. After all, money is a fundamental asset in the game, and it helps buy various things in the game. Starting from Items, Weapons, Plug-ins, and Visuals, all can help make the game easier for you.

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