Mario Golf Super Rush Guide: How to get Character Points

Shortage of Character Points? We got you.

There are great ways you can customize your character in Mario Gold Super Rush. However, customizing the characters is not as easy as you would think. One of the most crucial things needed to customize characters in Mario Golf is character points. Furthermore, below we have created a complete guide on how to get character points in Mario Golf Super Rush.

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How to get Character Points in Mario Golf Guide:

After Farming and grinding character points, you can use them to unlocking new clubs for your favorite characters. Clubs’ play is necessary, as they determine how far you can hit the ball. Character Points also allow players to increase stats on their character. All of these will help you play the game better.

However, to earn more character points, you will have to grind and play the game. Moreover, players will have to put the ball in the hole to get character points. Depending on how many turns it takes you to make it to a hole, the number of points you earn will vary. Although the fewer shots you take to get the ball to the hole, the more points you will get.

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The best mode to grind for character points is Solo mode since you will not have to wait for turns. It can take time to farm character points in Mario Golf, but it is worth it when you can use them to upgrade characters too. You can buy Star set for 1000 and Super Star 3000 points each. These sets will give you an improved and better version of your favorite characters.

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