Maokai Receives Massive Adjustments on Patch 12.18

Riot shares massive Maokai changes in the upcoming Worlds patch.

Maokai, The Twisted Treant, was once considered one of the strongest tank champions in League of Legends. But, as time passed, Riot released newer and more complex champions making him quite weak in comparison. Newer tanks like Ornn, Sion, and Cho’Gath could do what Maokai could but better.

This affected his play rate as well. Even a few patches ago, Maokai was one of the least played champions in the game.

To bring Maokai back into the spotlight, Riot decided to give Maokai a mini-rework. The mini-rework aimed at making Maokai into a top laner and nerfing support Maokai poke. They also gave him extra damage to jungle monsters, making him somewhat viable in the jungle.

As it turns out, Riot may have overturned his numbers a bit with the mini-rework. So, they are planning on Maokai nerf for the Worlds patch.

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Maokai Changes

  • Passive – Sap Magic
    • Healing reduced 4.8-14% >>> 4.5-12%
  • Q – Bramble Smash
    • Monster Bonus damage increased 40-120 >>> 80-160
  • E – Sapling Toss
    • AP ratio reduced 42.5% >>> 40%
    • Empowered AP Ratio reduced 85% >>> 80%

With the mini-rework hitting the live servers, top lane Maokai has been one of the strongest champions in Patch 12.17. His incredible sustain and decent poke have made him quite oppressive in the lane. To top it all, he also scales well into the late game.

According to the tweet made by Riot Phroxzon, they will be touching his lane sustain by nerfing his passive healing. The changes do not affect his laning phase much but will affect his late-game team fighting.

His E AP scaling is also getting hit, from 85% to 80%. The scaling nerf should affect only the AP Maokai builds but will not affect the tank Maokai.

Maokai’s Q will receive additional monster damage, helping him with jungle clear. The changes should make him at least viable in the jungle, but the changes are not big enough to make him a top-tier jungler.

Release date

The Maokai changes will be released in patch 12.18, scheduled to hit live servers on Sept 21, 2022.

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