LPL News: Weekly Power Rankings and Must Watch Matches This Week

LPL has been running for more than a week and we bring you our updated Power Rankings and some key matches this week

LPL is off to a good start and games have been fun to watch. We put out our tier list and power rankings before the LPL started. From now on, every Monday, we will bring our weekly power rankings in the LPL. We will also lay out must watch matches of the week. Lets dive straight into it.

Previous Power Rankings

To recap, our previous power rankings was as follows:

  1. Top Esports
  2. JD Gaming
  3. Invictus Gaming
  4. FunPlus Phoenix
  5. Suning
  6. Edward Gaming
  7. Victory Five
  8. Team WE
  9. Rare Atom
  10. Royal Never Give Up
  11. Bilibili Gaming
  12. Rogue Warriors
  13. LNG Esports
  14. eStar
  15. LGD Gaming
  16. Oh My God
  17. ThunderTalk Gaming

With the reference given out, now we will put out our weekly power rankings with the upward and downwards trends listed.

Weekly Power Rankings

With 20 games played in total, here is our updated Power Rankings.

8 1. Team WE (3-0)

Team WE have exceeded their expectations. New additions, Shanks and Breathe, have performed well. Jiumeng and Beishang have been standouts so far and they stick to their strong points. There is a lot to like about the team, particularly their team fighting prowess where they always seem to win out.

Although losing two games in the three series they have played, they have looked phenomenal in their wins and are on a roll. This team is here to stay at the top and they deserve to be at the top of the power rankings.

4 2. Edward Gaming (2-0)

EDG have looked pretty good as well. Sitting at 2-0 atm beating FPX and OMG is a good start for them. They are a solid team who are playing well together. Flandre has been a great acquisition for them and he is playing really good. With a 2-0 record, they are 2nd in our power ranking.

7 3. Royal Never Give Up (2-0)

2 games in, they have looked impressive. Albeit beating TT in the first series, the 2nd series win against Suning was a statement win. It looks like they made the right call to swap out xiaohu to the top lane because both he and Cryin have been excellent. It’s a great start for them and they will be a tough team to beat for any team.

4. FunPlus Phoenix (1-1)

FPX retain their previous power ranking spot albeit a loss to EDG. Nuguri’s debut series was great but his 2nd series was not. They are a consistent team and a lot of their success depends on Tian and LWX. Tian and LWX has played well so far and should continue to do so. Despite one series loss, they should still be a top team in the LPL going forward.

5. Suning (1-1)

Suning started off splendidly by beat TES 2-0. However, they faltered against RNG and will need to play better in the future series. They have been one of the best teams in the mid to late game scenarios and huanfeng is playing excellent. Bin is also playing really well but SOFM has not been playing that well. The potential for this team is really high especially with how huanfeng and Bin are playing. Once SOFM picks back up, this team will be a force to be reckoned with.

7 6. LNG Esports (2-0)

LNG has looked much better than what we expected in their first two series win. Tarzan has a whopping 16 KDA so far. Their early game has been superb and they are also pretty good in the mid to late game. All of their players have stepped up and rallied around Tarzan being their main facilitator. Tarzan is giving the LPL what he is got and he surely is one of the best performing junglers in the LPL.

4 7. JD Gaming (1-1)

JDG lost badly to IG but bounced back with a win against BLG. However, Mystic is yet to join the team and they will be at full strength when he joins in. Adding to that, they are having to decide between xiye and Yagao in the mid lane. With Yagao, they did manage to get a series win albeit a weaker team than them. Once Mystic arrives, they should get some consistency and decide on who their starting five will be going forward.

8. Victory 5 (2-1)

V5 finish off with a 2-1 record as of today. Despite the loss to WE, they rack up wins against LGD and BLG. LangX has brought in some consistency and versatility to the team and y4 and Mole have been outstanding for them. They have a lot of strong points and will continue to ascend in the LPL.

6 9. Invictus Gaming (1-2)

IG started off great in the week beating JDG handily. However, they slipped up against LNG and could not rack up a win against WE. Xun has been steady for them and Wink was a great pick-up. Furthermore, Rookie has been great and is the catalyst for the team. However, the problem still lies with TheShy not being consistent and being targeted every single time. Not to mention, their drafting has been strange to say the least. There is a lot of work on and counter strategies teams are putting against them to ascend to the top tier of teams.

9 10. Top Esports (1-2)

TES started off really badly in the LPL, they first lost handily to Suning and then lost to Rogue Warriors. To finish off the week, they did get a win against Rare Atom. They have not looked cohesive so far. Zhuo has brought some aggressiveness onto the table but sometimes he is too aggressive. They do not seem to be on the same page. The team has been inconsistent and has to shore up their issues. When they do, they will come back to claim one of the top spots of the LPL.

3 11. eStar (2-1)

eStar ratcheted up a 2-1 victory after their win vs OMG today. They have not played any of the top teams yet but they are consistent and have improved with each game. Its a development split for them and getting into the playoffs will be a big step for them.

1 12. Bilibili Gaming (1-2)

BLG started off 1-2 after losing to V5 today. They did get their one win against eStar and have been competitive in the V5 game. With a lot of new acquisitions, this team is settling in and still trying to find their rhythm in games. More games will do them good while the improve and try to make the playoffs.

1 13. Rogue Warriors (1-2)

Rogue Warriors have had a strange start. They lose to the hottest team in the LPL, Team WE, and then beat Top Esports. However, they lose the following series to eStar. Its hard to pinpoint the strength of this team. However, they are one of the most bloodiest teams in the LPL. Maybe as more games they play, we can perfectly gauge their strength.

5 14. Rare Atom (0-1)

Rare Atom only played the one game this week against TES, which they lost. They have not dropped in the rankings because of their play but rather due to other teams looking better. As more games are played, we will know more about what to expect from them. In that one series, they looked out of sorts and will be looking to bounce back in the future series.

15. LGD (1-0)

LGD has also played 1 series and took a game off V5. Given that they have not gotten their full squad as of yet, with Kramer still not with the team. Their future placement is a question mark but we will get a better sense of their strength with more games they play with their full squad.

16. OMG (0-3)

OMG has been competitive in their games but won no series. With a 0-3 record, they are at the bottom of the league and there is not a lot of good things to say about them. Maybe they will perform better in their future games.

17. ThunderTalk Gaming (0-2)

TT looked bad in their 2 series losses. The only reason OMG ranked above them is because TT got swept in all their series they have played. They will have to get a massive turnaround to play better if they want to make some noise.

Must Watch Matches This Week

There are a few pivotal matches coming up this week. Hence, lets jump right into it.

  • IG vs eStar: This game has a lot on the line for IG. Whether IG continues to skid down or start to build up something is the question that needs to be answered. On eStar’s end, a win would give them the confidence to win future series to cement a playoff spot.
  • JDG vs EDG: This will be JDG’s match to prove whether they are a top tier team or not. Whereas for EDG, it is more of proving that they belong in the top echelon of teams.
  • FPX vs Suning: Two teams vying to win the LPL go head to head with each other. Should be a cracker of a game.

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