Lies of P (LOP): Top 10 Tips for Beginners

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Want to start LOP but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have the top 10 tips for beginners in Lies of P.

Lies of P throws you into its dark and challenging world without much guidance. It’s like, you wake up with no tutorial or whatsoever, and the game says, “Go!” As an action RPG, Lies of P can be brutal and unforgiving at times, especially for newcomers. But you don’t have to worry. This guide will walk you through the top 10 tips for beginners to know when starting Lies of P.

We’ll cover essential basics like managing your weight limit, so you can move and roll properly. You’ll learn the best places to assign your upgrade points for maximum boosts early on. Mastering the blocking and parry mechanics is key, so we’ll help you get their timing down pat.

You’ll also pick up some sneaky tricks for gathering more scarce resources, like Ergo and Quartz. Plus, we’ll share insider tips to shortcut your exploration through Krat’s intricate streets and sewers.

Top 10 Tips for Beginners in Lies of P

Here are the top 10 tips for beginners in Lies of P:

10. Flee When Overwhelmed

Lies of P will often overwhelm you with mobs of deadly puppets. But don’t feel compelled to stand your ground when the odds are stacked against you. Fleeing to fight another day is often the wisest action.

If you find yourself surrounded or overpowered, make a run for it! Many standard enemies will give up the chase before too long. You can then isolate and dispatch the stragglers.

Fighting against two enemies
Credit: Lies of P

Use escapes like this to your advantage – heal up and repair your weapon, then re-engage isolated foes on your terms. Lure them out with items and ranged attacks.

Flight isn’t cowardly; it’s clever. The city streets are narrow and treacherous; repositioning to high ground or choke points can swing the advantage back in your favor.

Knowing when to tactically retreat and when to stand and fight is key to mastering Lies of P. If you’re getting overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to make a strategic escape!

09. Watch out for Ambushes

The streets of Krat are filled with puppets ready to ambush you when you least expect it. Whether it’s a foe hiding around a corner or above on a rooftop, you’ve got to be ready for surprise attacks.

If you see an enemy conveniently placed or something that seems suspicious, get ready to block or dodge some treachery. Listen closely as well, as audio cues can tip you off to unseen dangers.

Watch for Ambushes
Credit: Lies of P

And don’t forget to check those corners! Many a puppet lurks just out of view, so don’t go strolling by carelessly. Assume there’s always an ambush waiting to happen.

By staying vigilant and wary when exploring, you’ll be prepared to counter surprise assaults. Get the drop on lurking puppets instead by tossing a lure their way first. Stay alert in Lies of P’s dangerous realm, and you’ll be ready to counter any underhanded ambushes.

08. Don’t Overlook Shortcuts

As you explore the shady streets and sewers in Krat, pay close attention for shortcuts you may have missed. Oftentimes, taking an alternate path or backtracking will reveal a gate you can open, a ladder you can drop down, or an elevator you can activate.

These shortcuts are exceedingly convenient, providing quick links between Stargazers and your next objectives. Shortcuts reduce tedious backtracking through areas you’ve cleared.

Shortcut To Streets
Credit: Lies of P

Don’t rush straight ahead at forks in your path. You should take your time to thoroughly explore side routes, nooks, and branching paths. Check the edges for climbable pipes and ladders as well.

Uncovering all of A level’s shortcuts makes traversing the world much smoother. You can swiftly return to the Ergo or heal up with less frustration.

07. Upgrade Vigor First

When starting Lies of P, you’ll begin earning upgrade points to invest in your stats. One of the best strategies early is to put points into Vigor first.

Vigor not only increases your stamina but also allows you to block, dodge, and attack more before you reach your limit. Moreover, extra stamina gives you more margin for error during challenging combat.

Upgrade Menu in Lies of P
Credit: Lies of P

In contrast, raising health first with Vitality provides less flexibility. You can still be one-shot if not careful. But with high Vigor, you can completely avoid hits via blocking and dodging.

Dodge attack in Lies of P
Credit: Lies of P

Once Vigor is at a comfortable level, you can invest points in Vitality as well for increased survival. Offensive stats like Motivity and Technique come after you have a solid defensive foundation.

06. Use Weapon Handles

In Lies of P, your equipped weapon handle determines which stats the weapon scales with. Handles can be purchased and swapped out separately from the blade itself.

If you are boosting Motivity but use lighter weapons, equip an axe or hammer handle to improve strength scaling. A blade handle raises scaling with Technique instead.

Use Weapon Handles
Credit: Lies of P

Purchase every handle available whenever you find a shop. This gives you options to match handles to the stats you invest in. Upgrade handles to further improve scaling.

Mix and match blades and handles to create a weapon tailored to your build and play style. The versatile handle system lets you use preferred weapons with ideal stat scaling.

Don’t ignore your handles – with the right pairings, you can become a puppet-slaying powerhouse. Experiment to forge your ideal armaments and cut down enemies with ease in Lies of P.

05. Keep Weapon Durability High

As you block, parry, and attack in Lies of P, your equipped weapon will progressively lose durability. If durability drops to zero, your weapon will break, severely reducing its damage until you can repair it.

Needless to say, it’s better to keep an eye on your weapon’s durability meter during long fights and boss battles. The moment you see it falling, pause to use the Grinder item and resharpen your blade. Just a few seconds of grinding restores durability.

Keep Weapon Durability High
Credit: Lies of P

Sharpen frequently, and don’t wait for your weapon to become badly damaged before repairing it. Letting durability get critically low mid-fight makes you vulnerable when your damage is hampered.

Preserve your weapons in top condition by making durability management a habit. Grind every chance you get between fights. Dull weapons mean less damage and stats. Keep yours razor sharp and ready to slice through puppets!

04. Plan Your Approach

Charging headfirst into combat is a surefire way to end up dead fast in Lies of P. Instead, take time to survey the environment and plan your approach before engaging enemies.

Look for opportunities to thin out and isolate lethal puppets. Use high ground or alternative paths to sneak up on or snipe dangerous foes. Take on weaker enemies first to avoid being overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

Plan Your Approach in Lies of P
Credit: Lies of P

In large areas, attract individual puppets away from groups with lures or ranged attacks. Don’t allow yourself to become surrounded. Funnel enemies through tight spaces to limit attacks.

Patience and preparation prevent puppets from prevailing. Analyze enemy placements and formulate an attack strategy instead of blindly rushing in. Separate, ambush, and control the engagement.

With some cunning and planning, you can turn the odds in your favor. Think ahead, because charging forward thoughtlessly is thinking dead. Stay strategic and stay alive.

03. Use Your Consumables Liberally

When starting Lies of P, you may feel inclined to save up items like Moonstones and Ampoules “just in case.” But consumables are meant to be used, not hoarded! These items exist to give you an edge in battle.

Pulse Cells for healing can be recovered through combat once depleted. Ampoules provide boosts like damage resistance when needed the most. Offensive items like Saw Blades deal big damage to tough foes.

Using consumables in Lies of P
Credit: Lies of P

While you want to save Rare Ergo for weapon crafting, common consumables can be purchased later from vendors. Don’t let that stop you from using them early, when they would be most advantageous.

Throw an Ampoule down during the boss fight. Toss a Saw Blade when you are overwhelmed. Consume Moonstones as soon as you get them to quickly increase your stats. You’ll find more consumables as you explore.

Items are tools that can mean the difference between life and puppet-caused death. Use them wisely and liberally on your journey. Don’t let that crafted Saw Blade just sit in your bag!

02. Master Blocking and Parrying

Unlike other action RPGs, Lies of P is less about dodging and more about precise blocks and parries. Timing your blocks well performs a perfect parry, stopping damage completely and potentially staggering the enemy.

Staggered foes will pulse white; this means landing a charged heavy attack during that window will critically strike them down. Learning to parry properly is essential.

Pulse White in Lies of P
Credit: Lies of P

When starting out, spend time just blocking regular attacks from basic enemies. Get a feel for the timing rather than going on the offensive right away. Once you’re comfortable with blocking, focus on parry timing to prevent all damage.

With practice, you’ll be able to parry challenging enemies reliably. Even better, the Guard Regain system lets you recover lost HP quickly after a blocked hit by counter-attacking.

Patience and mastery of blocking are the keys to defeating the lethal foes. Mix in dodging against unblockable red attacks that must be avoided. Once you’ve mastered parrying, the puppets of Krat will fall before your might.

01. Watch Your Weight

One of the first things to understand as a Lies of P beginner is how your weight limit impacts gameplay. In the status menu, check the encumbrance level – this shows how weighed down you are based on your equipped gear. The heavier the load, the slower your rolls and movement become.

You generally want to stay at “standard” or “light” weight. Heavy gear might seem tempting for defense, but the penalties to speed and mobility are too harsh, especially for new players. Unequip extra weapons to shed pounds quickly.

Using different weapons to check weight in Lies of P
Use different weapons to check Speed and Mobility (Credit: Lies of P)

As you progress, boost the Capacity stat to increase your weight limit and equip better armor without being overburdened. The Carrier’s Amulet is also invaluable – it substantially raises how much you can carry.

Stick to lighter weapon types while learning the ropes. Prioritize agility over pure defense starting out. Upgrade Capacity alongside other stats to balance speed and protection as you advance.

With some weight management know-how, you’ll be dodging and dashing smoothly through the streets of Krat. Master your encumbrance early, and you’ll have an easier time escaping lethal puppet attacks.

Bonus Tips

  • Manage your stamina – Don’t exhaust all your stamina attacking. Keep some in reserve, so you can still block or dodge in a pinch. Recover stamina quickly while blocking.
  • Take on foes 1v1 – Avoid being outnumbered if possible. Use ranged attacks or lures to pull lone enemies away from groups when you can.
  • Don’t get greedy – Patience is key in Lies of P. Don’t get overly greedy trying for extra attacks. Wait for clear openings after enemy combos finish.
  • Use Traps as your trump card – The traps can be deadly and pain to deal with. But you can use them your advantage against enemies. For example, you can lure enemies into traps to damage them or even kill them instantly.
  • Breaking enemy weapons – You can break enemy weapons by perfect guarding their attacks. If you break an enemy’s weapon, they can’t attack you for a short period of time.

Lies of P will ruthlessly punish the unprepared, but these top 10 tips for beginners will give you the pre-insight you need to survive in Krat. With the strategies here, you’ll be dismantling Puppets and conquering Lies of P‘s deadly puzzles in no time.

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