Lies of P (LOP): Sawblade Slicer Build Guide

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Cleave through foes with the formidable Sawblade Slicer build in Lies of P. Learn how to maximize your slashing power.

Lies of P is an action role-playing game developed by Neowiz. During his quest to become a real human boy, you control Pinocchio as he scavenges parts from around the world to craft weapons. Despite its dark nature, Lies of P provides an engaging experience with deep combat.

Sawblade Slicer is one of the best weapons in Lies of P. We’ll discuss the ideal starting class, necessary items, and how to acquire the legendary Bone-cut Sawblade. You’ll learn to balance offense and defense through smart amulet choices and puppet part selection. Stagger enemies using charged attacks, then devastate them with repeated strikes from Furious Slash. The Sawblade Slicer crushes foes through precise timing and positioning.

Follow our guide to transform into a whirlwind of death. The sprawling reach and breakneck slashes of the Sawblade will reap through crowds and cut down imposing bosses. Heed our advice, and even the mightiest enemies will fall before your spinning steel.

Bone-Cutting Sawblade (Sawblade Slicer Build)

How to Get Legendary Sawblade Slicer

Follow these steps to obtain the devastating Sawblade Slicer weapon and its ideal Bramble handle in Lies of P.

Reach the Malum District: First, progress through Lies of P until you unlock the Malum District in Area 5. This is where both items can be found.

Malum District Stargazer
Malum District Stargazer, head down the alley stairs

Locate the Bone-Cutting Sawblade: From the Malum District Stargazer, head down the alley stairs towards the plaza.

Location for Sawblade Slicer
In the plaza, go right and climb the ladder to the rooftops

In the plaza, go right and climb the ladder to the rooftops. Take the left path to find a chest next to a burning barrel containing the Sawblade Slicer.

Chest that contains Sawblade Slicer
Take the left path to find a chest next to a burning barrel.

How to Get Bramble Curved Sword Handle

Grab the Smiling Bunny Mark: For the Bramble handle, first snag the Smiling Bunny Mark key item. Behind the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer, investigate the second grave statue to get the Mark.

Purchase the Bramble Curved Sword Handle: Finally, enter the Red Lobster in Malum and find the secret merchant inside. With the Mark, you can buy the Bramble handle for 2000 Ergo.

Secret Merchant selling Bramble Curved Sword Handle
Secret Merchant selling Bramble Curved Sword Handle

With the Sawblade Slicer and Bramble handle acquired, you can assemble this devastating weapon combo.

Sawblade Slicer Build in Lies of P

I have mentioned a summary of the Sawblade Slicer Build below. If you want to know more about the build, keep reading.

Starter ClassPath of the Cricket: Balance
WeaponsBone-Cutting Sawblade + Bramble Curved Sword Handle
Endgame StatsPath of the Cricket: Balance (Level 90)
Vitality: 36
Vigor: 22
Capacity: 24
Motivity: 20
Technique: 20
Advance: 7
Path of the Bastard: Dexterity (Level 90)
Vitality: 36
Vigor: 22
Capacity: 24
Motivity: 5
Technique: 36
Advance: 6
Path of the Sweeper: Strength (Level 90)
Vitality: 36
Vigor: 22
Capacity: 24
Motivity: 36
Technique: 5
Advance: 6
AmuletsFirst Amulet Slot (Choose Any)
Carcass Butcher’s Amulet
Murderer Puppet’s Amulet
Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet
Second Amulet Slot (Choose Any)
Strength Amulet
Technique Amulet
Red Fox’s Amulet
Third Amulet Slot (Choose Any)
Patience Amulet
Blue Guardianship Amulet
Forth Amulet Slot (Choose Any)
Iron Wall Amulet
Life Amulet
Special Amulets (Choose Any)
Arm of God Amulet
Awakened God Amulet
Extreme Modification Amulet
P-Organ UpgradesIncrease Pulse Cells
Link Dodge
Add Amulet Slots
Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery
Increase Staggerable Window
Add Fable Slots
P-Organ AbilitiesAttack Type
Potential Synergy Effects
Enhance Charge Stagger ATK
Enhance Fable Arts ATK
Survival Type
Potential Synergy Effects
Lower Damage While Dodging
Perfect Guard Regain Recovery
Ability Type
Potential Synergy Effects
Lower Charge Attack Stamina Consumption
Perfect Guard Fable Charge Enhance
Reduce Stamina Consumption from Dash
Charge Fable when Reviving
Auto Charge Legion
Special Grindstone Weapon Durability Recovery
Item Type
Potential Synergy Effects
Charge Fable upon Pulse Cell Use
Legion ArmPuppet String
Falcon Eyes
Puppet PartsThe highest-weight puppet parts you find

Starting Class

When starting this powerful build, the Path of the Cricket: Balance is the easiest class to begin with thanks to its balanced stats. However, technique- or motivation-focused classes can work as well if you plan to use their respective weapon types early on. Just slap a crank on the Bramble handle later to skew the scaling.

Early Game Weapons

In the beginning, try finding the booster glaive. It has a similar heavy, long-reaching move set to the bone cutter. Combining the Booster Glaive blade with your class handle resembles the eventual Sawblade Slicer. This will help you learn the play style.

Stats and Progression

For stats, first focus on vitality for survival up to around 10 points. Next, invest around 10 points into your offense stats, like motivation or technique. After that, vigor becomes important for gaining more stamina in the teens. Once you start equipping heavy puppet parts, pour points into capacity to stay below the 80% equip load for fast rolls. Continue evening out with vigor, motivation, technique, and capacity as needed.


In terms of amulets, swap between the Carcass Butcher’s, Murderer Puppet’s, and Puppet Destroyer’s Amulets situationally for damage type bonuses. For core amulets, take Patience for stamina recovery and Iron Wall for defense. You can also use the Blue Guardianship Amulet and Life Amulet later in the game. The powerful but rare Arm of God and Awakened God’s Amulets boost your damage significantly as well.


For P-Organs, Increased Pulse Cells, Link Dodge, Add Amulet Slots and Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery provide sustain. Excellent combat abilities include Enhanced Charge Stagger, and Add Fable Slots. Use Quartz to complement your play style.

Legion Arms

Ideal Legion Arms include Puppet String for free-charged attack staggers and Falcon Eyes to deal damage while your stamina refills.

Puppet Parts

Equip the heaviest puppet parts you can find to boost defense, using Carrier’s Amulet and high Capacity to prevent heavy rolls.

Tips on Sawblade Slicer Build

Firstly, utilize Destruction Grindstones to quickly stagger bosses for Furious Slash windows. Secondly, watch for occasional openings to stagger mid-combo with the Fable Art, too. Thirdly, for Specters, prioritize extended duration over damage, so you can use Furious Slash safely. Now get out there and unleash those whirling Sawblade strikes!

Final Thoughts

Mastering the long-range Sawblade Slicer is not easy. You need to build according to our guide to maximize the potential of this weapon. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Balance is ideal, but Technique or Motivity work too. The crank can skew the scaling later. Vitality first, then offense stats, Vigor, and Capacity.
  • Use the Booster Glaive before the Bone-Cutter. Matches the reach and heavy strikes. Combine with your class handle.
  • Found in a Malum District chest. Get the Smiling Bunny Mark from the hidden Path of the Pilgrim grave first.
  • Buy from a secret Malum merchant. Need Smiling Bunny Mark or killing the area boss first. Handles only 2000 Ergo.
  • Vitality for survival, balanced Motivity and Technique for damage, Vigor for stamina, Capacity to wield heavy parts.
  • Damage-type buffs are great situational swaps. Patience Amulet recovers stamina quickly. Rare but powerful options include Arm of God and Awakened God’s Amulet.
  • Prioritize Increased Pulse Cells, Link Dodge, and Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery. Excellent abilities include Enhanced Charge Stagger and Perfect Guard Fable Charge.
  • Puppet String for free charged attacks. Falcon-Eyes to deal damage while regenerating stamina.
  • Use the heaviest parts available. Carrier’s Amulet and high Capacity prevent heavy roll.

Keep these in mind and your Sawblade Slicer build in Lies of P will be complete.

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