Lies of P (LOP): Best Builds For Every Play Style

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Character Build is one of the most important parts of any RPG game. Here are the best builds for every play style in Lies of P.

It is very exciting to see Lies of P, a new action RPG game that is creating a lot of noise by offering a true soul-like experience. Moreover, you can customize your characters according to your requirements in the challenging world of the game.

In this dark, puppet-filled world, you can choose your character types: The Sweeper, The Bastard, or The Cricket. It is important to remember that each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you must select your character type carefully and build the stats and abilities of your character accordingly.

Now, why build is so important? Building your character is important in Lies of P because you have to tailor it to your play style. To overcome any foes and bosses in the game, you must have an optimized build that you prefer. There are no definitive “best” builds, but rather builds that align with how you want to play.

This guide will examine the three prime builds in Lies of P: Motivity, Technique, and Advance. Motivity builds emphasize the ability to wield powerful weapons capable of crushing your enemies with ease. Technical builds emphasize dexterity and agility, along with quick attacks, critical hits, and evasion. Lastly, Advanced builds focus on using spells and skills that use elements and magic to eradicate enemies. Now, let’s look at the best builds in Lies of P.

Best Builds in Lies of P

The Best Motivation build

WeaponsGreatsword of Fate Blade + Krat Police Baton Handle, Holy Sword of the Ark, Noblesse Oblige
Legion ArmDeus Ex Machina, Aegis
AttributesMotivity, Capacity, Vigor, Vitality
AmuletsLife Amulet, Nameless One’s Amulet
P-Organ UpgradesIncrease Pulse Cells, Pulse Cell Recovery
Greatsword of Fate Blade + Krat Police Baton Handle

For players who relish overwhelming brute force, the Motivity build is arguably the strongest option in Lies of P. This formidable character type utilizes colossal two-handed weapons to unleash devastating blows upon foes.

By investing heavily in Strength-boosting Motivity stats, this tank build gains access to the game’s most hard-hitting armaments. The incredible damage output per swing more than compensates for the slow attack speed typical of heavy weapons. What the Motivity build lacks in agility, it makes up for in sheer, crushing power.

When using a weapon combo like the Greatsword of Fate Blade and Krat Police Baton Handle, enemies will shudder at the sight of your character hefting these massive implements of destruction. Each slam deals crushing punishment, breaking enemy poise and leaving them vulnerable to fatal critical attacks. The vertical smash attacks provide reliability in landing hits compared to horizontal swings.

Later in the game, you can acquire ultimate boss weapons like the Holy Sword of the Ark, with its punishing 5-hit combos, or the devastating Noblesse Oblige club. These special armaments will enable you to turn even the most daunting foes into mounds of spare parts. Just be sure to continue increasing Vigor, so you can unleash the full combos of these lumbering weapons.

The Best Technique Build

WeaponsBone-Cutting Sawblade + Dancer’s Curved Sword Handle, Two Dragons Sword, Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger
Legion ArmFalcon Eyes, Puppet String
AttributesTechnique, Capacity, Vigor
AmuletsConquering Amulet, Patience Amulet
P-Organ UpgradesMobility
Bone-Cutting Sawblade + Dancer's Curved Sword Handle

If you favor agility and finesse in combat, you will appreciate the swift and lethal Technique build. By focusing on Dexterity, this play style enables you to dance around foes while unleashing a flurry of critical strikes.

The Technique build grants access to an array of one-handed and two-handed weapons ideal for this mobile approach. Blades like the Bone-Cutting Sawblade dazzle with their wide-arcing moves, while the Two Dragons Sword allows players to counter enemy attacks with deadly precision.

Once obtained, the Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger combines sheer attack speed with the ability to inflict shock damage on unfortunate enemies. Pairing this legendary blade with the Puppet String Legion Arm creates a versatile combo for unleashing harm while controlling the flow of battle.

The key stats for optimization are Technique, Capacity, and Vigor. Technique increases the damage output of your weapons’ scale dexterity rating, while Capacity allows wielding of heavier combinations without being overencumbered. Vigor boosts your stamina for more frequent attacks.

The Best Advance Build

WeaponsAcidic Crystal Spear Handle + Greatsword of Fate Blade
Legion ArmFlamberge, Pandemonium
AttributesAdvance, Vitality, Capacity, Vigor
AmuletsLife Amulet, Patience Amulet
P-Organ UpgradesDamage, Stagger, Pulse Cells
Acidic Crystal Spear Handle + Greatsword of Fate Blade

For those seeking to unleash arcane devastation, the Advance build in Lies of P provides access to formidable elemental and magic abilities. By investing in Advance stats, you can imbue your attacks with the primordial forces of fire, acid, and electricity to melt through enemies.

This battle mage-style build depends on weapons with excellent elemental scaling, like the Acidic Crystal Spear. Combining its acidic power with the Greatsword of Fate’s blade creates a symbiosis of range and melting damage. The Flamberge Legion Arm adds a fiery dimension to your offense as well.

Advance builds require a balanced array of stats. Raise Vitality and Vigor enough to stay alive and mobile, while boosting Advance to increase elemental devastation. Capacity enables wielding of heavier weapons without speed reduction. You should definitely consider this build.

Lies of P thrive on building diversity and adaptation. Let your imagination run wild when constructing your puppet protagonist. The most optimal path that empowers you to dismantle foes in your preferred play style. Choose wisely, customize freely, and unleash your inner puppet’s true potential.

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