Lies of P (LOP): All Special Grindstones List and Locations

Adib Pritom
By Adib Pritom
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Here are all the special grindstones list and locations in Lies of P.

Lies of P is set in the dark world of Krat, where you will have to fight against the army of evil puppets and the bosses. The soulslike game features an overall brutal game mechanics, along with many challenging enemies. You will play Pinocchio, the puppet we have known since childhood, who is now in this amazing dark fantasy game fighting against the other puppets in the world.

Lies of P has several types of weapons, like the normal weapons or boss weapons. Each type of weapon has different stats to help you take an edge over your enemies. Apart from using ergo to level up your weapon, there are many other items that can buff these weapons up to help you during battle. Special Grindstones are items you can use to buff up your weapon in Lies of P. In today’s guide, we will explore all the special grindstones list and locations in the game.

All Special Grindstones List and Locations

Special Grindstone NameEffectLocation and How to Get
Flame GrindstoneProvides temporary Fire effect to the weaponDefeat the Boss King’s Flame Fuoco to get the Flame Grindstone. Once you have defeated the boss, head back to Hotel Krat and talk to Vengini to get the Flame Grindstone
Electric Blitz GrindstoneProvides temporary Electric Blitz effect to the weaponBuy the Electric Blitz Grindstone from the Pulcinella Shop in Hotel Krat for 1000 ergo. But you will first have to collect the Vengini Collections. Once you have collected all the items in the collection, give them to Pulcinella, and he will sell you special grindstones.

You can change the current Special Grindstone by talking to Vengini and choosing “Switch Grindstone or Grinder” or by visiting a Stargazer. Finding the Vengini Collection can be a challenging task for many players, as you will have to explore the city of Krat to collect all these necessary items. But the rewards are definitely worth the effort.

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