LoL Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals Matchups Preview

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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With the Swiss Stage out of the way, here is a preview of the Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals matchups.

The League of Legends Worlds 2023  has been a blast so far to watch so far. From the NA vs. EU rivalry at the Worlds Qualifying Series to the surprising performance of Team Whales at Play-Ins, it has been an enjoyable experience. Moreover, the newest addition to the Worlds format, the Swiss Stage, has been a massive success.

In the new format, we got to see sixteen of the best teams from all around the world fighting in multiple Bo1 and Bo3 for the chance to advance to the Quarterfinals. Due to the volatility of the format, we got to see some major upsets as well.

Firstly, none of the LEC teams made it out of the Swiss Stage, and more surprisingly, the LCS first seed, NRG, made it to the Quarterfinals after beating the EU titans G2 Esports. It was also the first time all four LPL teams made it to the Quarterfinals. Overall, the Swiss Stage was very fun to watch.

Having said that, the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage has come to an end, and Quarterfinals are on the horizon. So, let’s talk about the upcoming matchups in the Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals.

Worlds Quarterfinals
Image Credit: Riot Games, Lol Esports

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Starting off the Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals, we have the first seed of LCS, NRG, versus the fourth seed of LPL Weibo Gaming.

Both of these teams have performed admirably on the Swiss Stage. The LCS first seed, NRG, began the Swiss Stage with a 0-1 loss against Weibo Gaming, but they gradually ramped up throughout the tournament. After defeating the LEC’s top seed, G2 Esports, they became the only Western team to advance to the Quarterfinals. While Weibo Gaming had a shaky tournament performance overall, they managed to claw their way into the Quarterfinals.

In terms of power levels, both teams are similar, but we have to give Weibo Gaming a slight advantage due to their experience on the International Stage. That said, NRG has made quite a few upsets this year, and there is a chance they might do the same in this matchup.

Match Time: Thursday, November 2, 5 pm KST

Gen.G VS Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank

For the second match of the Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals, we have the first seed of LCK, Gen.G, going up against the second seed of LPL and the MSI finalist, BLG.

Gen.G, similar to JDG, were two of the first teams to qualify to the Quarterfinals stage. They had a perfect 3-0 start, beating GAM, T1, and G2 Esports, respectively. BLG, on the other hand, was pretty shaky, to say the least. Despite having a fantastic showing during this year’s MSI, they underperformed heavily on the Worlds Swiss stage. Starting off, they lost to JD Gaming, won against Fnatic, and again lost against T1 in a 2-0 fashion. But they managed to qualify after beating G2 Esports in a 2-1 fashion.

Overall, Gen.G vs. BLG, despite being a Gen.G favored matchup, should be very fun to watch.

Match Time: Friday, November 3, 5 pm KST

Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club VS KT Rolster

The reigning MSI champion JD Gaming is back and this time eying for the Summoners Cup. They cruised through the Swiss Stage with a 3-0 record and will now face the top Regular Season LCK team, KT Rolster, in the Quarterfinals.

KT Rolster, on the other side, had one of the most difficult Swiss Stage runs of the Worlds 2023, but they persevered and advanced to the Quarterfinals. However, their most difficult matchup is still ahead of them, as they will face the LPL powerhouse JD Gaming.

Match Time: Saturday, November 4, 5 pm KST

Suzhou LNG Esports VS T1

LNG vs T1 is probably one of the most anticipated matchups of the Quarterfinals. The third seed of LPL, LNG, will be going up against the LCK giants T1 in the last match of the Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals.

In terms of their power level, both teams are quite similar, but if T1 manages to perform on the same level as their BLG match, they should be able to defeat LNG.

Match Time: Sunday, November 5, 5 pm KST

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