LoL Victorious Tryndamere Skin: Splash Art, How To Get, and Release Date

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has revealed the victorious skin for season 13 split 2, Victorious Tryndamere.

Earlier this year, Riot made some massive changes to the ranked system of League of Legends. These changes include split changes where a ranked season is divided into two different splits, with a soft reset in the middle.

As there are two different splits, players can grind the season more instead of getting their desired ranks first and then smurfing the rest of the season. Moreover, players can also earn two different rank skins, as there are two splits. Speaking of splits, from season 14, there will be three ranked splits. Because of this, players can earn up to three free victorious skins per season.

In the first split, we got the Victorious Anivia skin. Recently, Riot announced that we are getting Victorious Tryndamere for Split 2.

Visually, Victorious Tryndamere looks incredible. It also has the blood moon vibe. Not only that, but Tryndamere himself also looks unique compared to his original look. Overall, this is one of the best skin Tryndamere has to offer.

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Victorious Tryndamere

Splash Art

victorious tryndamere
Image Credits: Riot Games

How To Get Victorious Tryndamere

The method to earn the Victorious skin in this season differs from the last. To get the skin for free, you must play ranked regularly and reach a certain reward threshold.

You need 1600 SP to get the skin if you are silver or below. But if you are gold or above, you will only need 80 SP. Players can earn SP by playing ranked.

Release Date

Victorious Tryndamere will be released in League of Legends on Patch 14.4. Riot still hasn’t officially revealed the scheduled date for the patch yet. But players should receive the skin around that time if they are eligible.

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