LoL Rell Mini-Rework 2023: Ability Changes, Release Date, and More

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has finally revealed the long-awaited mini-rework of Rell.

League of Legends is a game based on unique champions. Since the game was released in 2009, many new champions have been introduced. As there are over 160 champions in the game, some champions are bound to be weak or unviable. Because of it, Riot often opts for reworks to make those champions viable again.

There are many types of reworks in League of Legends. One type of rework that Riot has started to push more since last season is the mini-reworks. In these updates, the developers change the champion’s kit without giving them a visual overhaul. That way, these champions can be viable and fun to play in the solo queue. One of the champions slated to receive a mini-rework is Rell.

Rell is considered to be the most forgettable champion in the game. While comparatively a newer champion, she doesn’t get enough plays as other champions. The main reason for that is her unintuitive gameplay.

While her pick rate has increased a lot in pro play and high elo, it isn’t because of her solo efficiency. She is currently being picked because she can counter most meta support in the lane. Even as a counter-pick, she is not fun to play with.

As patch 13.11 PBE got delayed, Riot revealed all the changes regarding Rell’s mini-rework.

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Rell Mini-Rework

Besides her ultimate, almost every ability is getting a change. Firstly, most of her base stats have been nerfed slightly. The reason for that is her other ability is receiving a lot of changes.

With her new passive, Rell can steal armor and magic and resist. Moreover, she can stack her passive with every ability, making a good Rell player stronger than before.

For her Q, it now stuns enemies instead of giving self and ally healing. It is a good change as it makes Rell a strong, engage support. Furthermore, for unknown reasons, Riot even added bonus monster damage. Additionally, her other abilities also received some bonus monster damage. If the meta serves her correctly, she might be a viable pick in the jungle.

As for her W, her dismount form received buffs while her mounted form got nerfs. For buffs, she has more attack speed and rage as she is dismounted. But because of her E’s potential, everything about her crash-down ability has been nerfed.

Rell’s E has been completely reworked into Full Tilt. Full Tilt is basically Rell’s version of Hecarim E – Devastating Charge. Similarly to Hecarim, Rell also gains bonus movement speed when using this ability. But unlike Hecarim, who gains more movement speed when using his E for longer, Rell gains more speed when she is near an ally. And now players can use this ability to synergize with her existing W – Crash Down.

Ability Changes

Base Stats

  • Attack speed increased: 0.55 >>> 0.625
  • Attack speed per level reduced: 2% >>> 1%
  • Armor per level reduced: 4.2 >>> 3
  • Magic resistance per level reduced: 2.05 >>> 1
  • Move speed reduced 335 >>> 330

Passive – Break the Mold

  • Armor and magic resistance shred reduced: 10% >>> 3%
  • Armor and magic resistance shred now stacks up to 5 times per target
  • All abilities also apply a stack of her passive ([W] and [R]’s entire AoE)
  • Minimum steal reduced: 5-12 >>> 2.5-5 (based on level)
  • Minion steal reduced: 0.5-2 >>> 0.25-1 (based on level)
  • Rell keeps resistances for the full duration of the buff, even if the target dies
  • Hitting a new target no longer refreshes the duration on all targets
  • No longer deals bonus magic damage on-hit

Q – Shattering Strike

  • Now stuns all targets for 0.75 seconds
  • Applies Passive and full damage to all targets
  • Removed heal on self and ally
  • Range adjusted 685 in front of Rell, 150 behind >>> 520 in front, 220 behind (also has 100 unit movement on swing, does not count as a dash)
  • Cooldown increased: 9/8/7/6/5 >>> 11/10.5/10/9.5/9 seconds
  • Cast time increased: 0.35 >>> 0.5 seconds
  • Deals 250% damage to monsters
  • Damage reduced: 70/115/160/205/250 >>> 60/95/130/165/200

W – Ferromancy: Mount Up/Crash Down

  • [W-Mounted] No longer gives passive move speed while mounted
  • [W-Dismounted]:
  • Increases attack speed by 15/20/25/30/35%
  • Increases attack range by 75
  • Move speed reduction adjusted set to 280 ms >>> slow 15% (removed ms cap while dismounted)
  • [W-Mount Up] move speed reduced 25/30/35/40/45% for 3.5 seconds >>> 30% rapidly decaying over 1 second
  • [W-Crash Down] nerfs:
  • Damage reduced 70/105/140/175/210 >>> 70/100/130/160/190
  • Shield reduced 35/60/85/110/135 (+12% max HP) >>> 30/55/80/105/130 (+10% max HP)
  • Maximum slide distance reduced 375 >>> 320
  • AoE radius reduced 200 >>> 180 (area reduced 400×775 >>> 360×680 with slide)
  • Jump range reduced 500 >>> 400
  • Knockup duration reduced 1 >>> 0.75 seconds
  • Deals 250% damage to monsters

E – Full Tilt added

  • E – Attract and Repel entirely removed
  • [E-P] Passive – Mounted Alacrity: Rell gains (5/8/11/14/17/20/24/28/32/36/40/45/50) (based on levels 1-13) move speed while mounted, reduced in combat.
  • Active – Full Tilt: Rell and an ally charge, gaining ramping movespeed up to (15/17.5/20/22.5/25%) over 3 seconds, this is doubled to (30/35/40/45/50%) toward enemies or your bonded ally. After 1 second, Rell’s next attack or [Q] Shattering Strike explode in an area for (25/35/45/55/65) (+30% AP) (+2/2.5/3/3.5/4% target’s max HP) magic damage.
  • Deals 250% damage to monsters

Rell Mini-Rework Release Date

Rell’s mid-scope update will hit live servers on patch 13.11, scheduled to release on Thursday, June 1, 2023.

Soumyo Deb is a League of Legends writer at GameRiv and a dedicated Jungle Main. When he is not writing about the latest League news, he is testing out various off-meta champions in the jungle.